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Large Network Analysis

In January 2008 this page was replaced by Pajek Wiki.

Pajek runs on Windows and is free for noncommercial use.


Data: test networks, GPHs, GEDs, PDB files.

Screenshots; History; Manual (pdf); Papers/presentations; Applications; in News; Examples: SVG, PDF.

How to ? English / Slovene / Japanese (problems with IE - download and use Acrobat reader).
Pajek nicely runs on Linux via Wine, Converting Excel/text into Pajek format.
Pajek to SVG animation. WoS to Pajek.

Slides from NICTA workshop, Sydney, Australia, June 14-17, 2005.
Slides from workshop at GD'05, Limerick, Ireland, Sept 11-14, 2005.
Pajek workshop at XXVIII Sunbelt Conference, St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA, January 22-27, 2008: slides.
Network analysis course at ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques, Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 30 - August 16, 2008.

W. de Nooy, A. Mrvar, V. Batagelj: Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek, CUP, January 2005; ESNA page.
P. Doreian, V. Batagelj, A. Ferligoj: Generalized Blockmodeling, CUP, November 2004.

Chapter about Pajek: V. Batagelj, A. Mrvar: Pajek - Analysis and Visualization of Large Networks.
in Jünger, M., Mutzel, P., (Eds.) Graph Drawing Software. Springer, Berlin 2003. p. 77-103 / Amazon.

An improved version of the paper presented at Sunbelt'97 was published in Connections 21(1998)2, 47-57 - V. Batagelj, A. Mrvar: Pajek - Program for Large Network Analysis (PDF; PRISON.KIN).

Our layouts for Graph-Drawing Competitions: GD95, GD96, GD97, GD98, GD99, GD00, GD01 and GD05.

Mladina (front page); Pajek in Koeln; PajekMan in Osoje (Ossiach, Austria);
Some other examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Different collections of pictures;

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