XXIV International Sunbelt Social Network Conference
Portorož, Slovenia, May 12 - 16, 2004

Pajek workshop

Analysis of Large Networks

Vladimir Batagelj
University of Ljubljana.
    e-mail:   vladimir.batagelj@uni-lj.si

Andrej Mrvar
University of Ljubljana.
    e-mail:   andrej.mrvar@uni-lj.si

Wouter de Nooy
Erasmus University Rotterdam.
    e-mail:   denooy@fhk.eur.nl

Slides (PPT)

The workshop consists of three parts. In the first part we present an introduction to the use of Pajek based on our textbook on social network analysis 'Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek'.
In the second part we present some efficient approaches (valued cores, triangular and short cycle connectivity, citation weights, pattern search, generalized blockmodeling, islands) to analysis and visualization of real-life large network (genealogies, collaboration networks, citation networks, Internet networks, dictionary networks, 2-mode networks). We will also discuss the 'fine-tuning' of Pajek's layouts (pictures).
In the last part participants will have an opportunity to discuss about the use of Pajek (questions, suggestions, analysis of specific data...).
To actively follow the workshop bring your laptop with you. Program Pajek is available at:


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