Exporting pictures from Pajek to EPS

Vladimir Batagelj and Andrej Mrvar

University of Ljubljana

General Information

This procedure exports picture you obtain using Pajek to PostScript description. If you want to control some general layout parameters of the picture, you must change default values using Export/Options in Draw window:
        Right                   15            %% additional border around ...
        Left                    15            %% ... picture in all 4 directions     
        Top                     15
        Bottom                  15
        Background color        No            %% Color of background
        Border Color            No            %% Color of border
        Border Radius            0            %% Border raduis
        Border width             1            %% Border width
        shapes_file             SHAPES.CFG    %% file with shapes definitios

Remember (and to have fealing how big number 15 in additional border is): x and z coordinates of vertices must be between 0 and 1. When Postscript picture is obtained, the square [0,1]x[0,1] is transformed to [0,500]x[0,500].

Crayola colors are used (CMYK - combination of Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK). They are defined in file drawnet.pro that is added in the beginning of any EPS picture you made. You can also define and add your own colors. Be careful - Postscript is case sensitive.
In file shapes.cfg shapes of vertices (ellipses, boxes,...) are defined. Specify full path name (or double click on Edit field) if you want to use special file. If the file cannot be found default file will be generated on the directory where you get EPS picture.

If you have no labels on the picture when you call Export there will also be no labels in EPS picture, otherwise numbers/labels like in Pajek will be shown. If you are looking at the picture using Draw/Partition (some partition of the network is shown using different colors), similar colors will be automatically used in EPS picture too.
But you can for every vertex and line specify how it should be drawn (colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, rotations, widths...). How to do that is explained in details in next section.

Pajek - Definition of Network (and its Picture) on Input Ascii File

A kind of standardized language is used for describing networks. The following reserved words are used:
  1. *Vertices n - definition of vertices follows. n is number of vertices. Each vertex is described using following description line:

    vertex_num label x y shape [changes of default parameters]


Two different ways of exporting

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