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Vladimir Batagelj and Andrej Mrvar

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

November 1996 ->
Last update:
Program for analysing large networks (networks having thousands of vertices). Five objects are used for that purpose:
  1. Networks - main objects (vertices and connections). Default extansion: .net. Network can be presented on input file in different ways: I hope formats are self-explanatory. Using one of presentations structure of network is defined. You can also add information for network drawing. This is explained in Drawnet.htm.
  2. Partitions - they tell for each vertex to which class vertex belong. Default extansion: .clu.
  3. Permutations - reordering of vertices. Default extansion: .per.
  4. Clusters - subset of vertices (e.g. one class from partition). Default extansion: .cls.
  5. Hierarchies - hierarchically ordered vertices. Example:
           g1      g2
         g11 g12   5,6,7
        1,2  3,4
    Root has two subgroups - g1 and g2. g2 is leaf - cluster with elements 5,6 and 7. g1 has two subgroups - g11 and g12.... Default extansion: .hie.
By double clicking on selected network, partition,... you can show the object on screen. In the case of hierarchy you can also edit it (change name and type of node).

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