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  1. Wasserman, Faust: Social Network Analysis: Methods and Applications. ( Amazon)
  2. John P Scott: Social Network Analysis: A Handbook. ( Amazon),(WWW)
  3. Forsé, Degenne: Introducing Social Networks. ( Amazon)
  4. Reinhard Diestel: Graph TheorySecond Edition, Electronic Edition
  5. Robert A. Hanneman: Introduction to Social Network Methods
  6. Sean F. Everton: A Guide for the Visually Perplexed (tutorial on UCINET and Pajek)
  7. Michael Schnegg, Hartmut Lang: Netzwerkanalyse; Knopf für Knopf
  8. Dynamic Social Network Modeling and Analysis: Workshop Summary and Papers. NAP (2003): Index.
  9. (NAS Colloquium) Self-Organized Complexity in the Physical, Biological, and Social Sciences. NAP (2002) Index.
  1. Journal of Social Structure (JoSS) (WWW)

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11. Oct 2003