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Notre Dame Self-Organized Networks:

  1. directed network with 325729 vertices and 1497135 arcs (27455 loops); page X is linked to page Y.
  2. undirected two-mode network with 520223 vertices (392400 players, 127823 movies) and 1470418 edges; player X plays in movie Y.
  3. undirected network with 2114 vertices and 2277 edges (74 loops); protein X interacts with protein Y.

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The networks ND*.net are based on the files from Notre Dame Self-Organized Networks Database. To transform the data into Pajek format: vertex 0 was replaced by the vertex number equal to the number of vertices in a network; Pajek keywords were inserted; and the network was saved in the short (as lists of neighbors) format.

  1. World-Wide-Web:: Each number represents webpage within domain. Arcs: From page -> To page
    Réka Albert, Hawoong Jeong and Albert-László Barabási:
    Diameter of the World Wide Web, Nature 401, 130 (1999) [ PDF ]
    See also a decompostion of this network in V. Batgelj, A. Mrvar: How to analyze large networks with Pajek?
  2. Actor: Actor network data: (based on In the original ND network file: each line corresponds to one movie, each number represents actor: number_1 number_2 ... number_k (k actors who play in the same movie).
    Albert-László Barabási, Réka Albert:
    Emergence of scaling in random networks, Science 286, 509 (1999) [ PDF ]
  3. Protein Interaction Network for Yeast: Each number represents protein in protein interaction network of yeast. Edges: From protein -> To protein.
    For other datasets used in supplementary material, please refer indicated references.
    Hawoong Jeong, Sean Mason, Albert-László Barabási and Zoltán N. Oltvai:
    Centrality and lethality of protein networks, Nature 411, 41 (2001) [ PDF ]
    See also Yeast data


  1. Notre Dame Networks Database put on WWW by the Notre Dame team, 2001;
  2. 23-25. July 2001: ND nets transformed in Pajek format by V. Batagelj.
  3. 23. May 2004: ND nets in Pajek format transformed in short (lists of neighbors) Pajek format by V. Batagelj.


  1. Self-Organized Networks Database, University of Notre Dame.


Extract from the Notre Dame Networks Database page: "... Feel free to use these data in your research."
Mail to Hawoong Jeong (author of original ND networks).

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23. May 2004