Chapter 10 ~ Code Samples

The code in this chapter uses a mixture of XML and XSL. It will all display in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and greater when used on Microsoft Windows NT and 95. Other browser developers are currently claiming some degree of support for XML but this support cannot be guaranteed. So far as I know no other browser has native support for XSL.

The code here is unlikely to break your browser if you are using, for instance Netscape Communicator, but the content will probably just display as plain text. If you are using either Mozilla or Opera you may see some neatly displayed output. I'd be interested to know what those (and other) browsers actually do make of this stuff.

Simple XML Page Here
Simple XML Showing a Validation Error Here
Document Type Definition File Here
XML With Valid DTD Here
Extensible Stylesheet Here
Formatted XML Using DTD and XSL Here