Methodology and Statistics

International Conference, 18. - 22. September 1999
Hotel Bor and Castle Hrib, Preddvor, Slovenia


SATURDAY, September 18, 1999
  Meeting of the IRMCS Group

SUNDAY, September 19, 1999
9.00–17.00 Hiking tour: Jezersko (880m), Češka koča (mountain hut, 1530m), Jezersko; needed hiking shoes.
In the case of rainy weather bus tour to Radovljica and Škofja Loka.
18.00–19.00 Registration in Castle Hrib

MONDAY, September 20, 1999
8.00–9.00 Registration in Castle Hrib
9.00 Opening of the Conference
9.10 INVITED ADDRESS         Chair: A. Ferligoj
Practical Strategies for Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: Examples from Focus Groups and Survey Research
David L. Morgan
10.10 BREAK
10.30 Survey Methodology         Chair: W.E. Saris
Effects of Sample Design on Selecting Respondents into the Sample: Comparison of Three Random Sampling Plans in Face to Face

Dagmar Krebs and Jürgen H.P. Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik
Estimation of the Conditional Probability of a Favorable Outcome in a Certain Call Attempt – Discrete Time Model Approach
Andrej Kveder
Response Order Effect of a Dummy Item – A Suggestion How to Measure the Effect
Marijan Manoilov
Response Errors: Results from a Juvenile Survey
Marek Fuchs
12.30 LUNCH
14.00 Measurement 1         Chair: G. Coenders
Equivalence of Measurement Instruments for Balanced Sets of Items in Cross-cultural Surveys Taking Method Effects into Account
Jacques Billiet, Bart Cambre, and Jerry Welkenhuysen-Gybels
MTMM Models in the Context of Planned Incomplete Data Structures
Brendan Bunting and Gary Adamson
SQP – A program for Prediction of Survey Question Quality
Willem Saris, William van der Veld, and Irmtraud Gallhofer
Applying the Minimax Principle to Sequential Mastery Testing
Hans J. Vos
16.00 BREAK
16.30 Measurement 2         Chair: J. Billiet
Social Demographic Variables in International Comparative Research: The Cases of 'Education', 'Occupation', 'Income' and 'Household'
Jürgen H.P. Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik
Effects of Respondents` Mood on Instability of Social Support Measurement
Valentina Hlebec and Anuška Ferligoj
Validating the Structure of Personality: The MTMM Approach
Valentin Bucik
18.00 BREAK
18.30 Question and Answer Session on Focus Groups (D. L. Morgan)
Offered by Tomaž Banovec, Director of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

TUESDAY, September 21, 1999
9.00 INVITED ADDRESSES         Chair: A. Ferligoj
Causal Models for Categorical Data
Jacques A. Hagenaars
Three-Way Metric Structures for Data Analysis
Bernard Fichet
11.00 BREAK
11.30 Measurement 3         Chair: D. Krebs
Attitude toward Computers as a Typological Construct
Martin Berger
Measuring Web Sites Visits
Vasja Vehovar, Katja Lozar Manfreda, and Zenel Batagelj
Web Site Evaluation
Zenel Batagelj, Tina Česen, and Jure Simšič
13.00 LUNCH
14.30 Modeling         Chair: J.A. Hagenaars
Study on the Recovery of Structural Equations Models Estimates When the Original Variables are Categorized
Emmanuel Aris
Marginal Models for Categorical Data
Wicher Bergsma and Tamás Rudas
Detecting Deviations from Seemingly Fitting Latent Class Models by Homogeneity Analysis
Herbert Matschinger
16.00 BREAK
16.30 Data Analysis         Chair: B. Fichet
Measures of Difference for Compositional Data
Matevž Bren and Josep Antoni Martin Fernandez
Using Adapted Clustering Methods to Extract Information from Large Datasets of Mixed Units
Simona Korenjak-Černe and Vladimir Batagelj
Assigning Keywords to Documents using Machine Learning
Dunja Mladenić and Marko Grobelnik
Important Vertices in Large Directed Networks
Matjaž Zaveršnik and Vladimir Batagelj
The Erdős Graph
Andrej Mrvar and Vladimir Batagelj
20.30 Presentations
Presentation of the On-line Course on European Economic Statistics (CEES)
Lea Bregar, Irena Ograjenšek, Mojca Bavdaž, and Marko Papić
New Tools in SPSS
Miha Vogelnik

WEDNESDAY, September 22, 1999
9.00 INVITED ADDRESS         Chair: A. Ferligoj
Modeling Spatial Spread of Epidemics – Mumps
Lynne Billard
10.00 BREAK
10.30 Applications 1         Chair: L. Billard
Spatial Interpolation of Mean Yearly Precipitation using Universal Kriging
Damijana Kastelec and Katarina Košmelj
Screening Procedures in Human Medicine – Evaluation of Results by Multiple Correspondence Analysis
Jože Rovan, V. Urbančič-Rovan, and M. Slak
Health Problems due to Internet Usage
Thomas Benesch
On Statistical Analysis of Neuropsychological Data: Some General Considerations with Illustrations from two Studies
Gaj Vidmar and Gregor Sočan
Discrepancies between Self-Reported and GP-Evaluation of Morbidity in Health-Surveys: The Case of the Elderly
Hans Waege and Wim Peersman
13.00 LUNCH
14.30 Applications 2         Chair: J. Rovan
Approximating Prices of Bonds with Log-normal Interest Rate
Sankarshan Basu and Angelos Dassios
Predicting Overall Service Quality: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach
Carme Saurina and Germà Coenders
Opinion Expressing in the Spiral of Silence: A LISREL Approach
Gregor Petrič
Applying Statistical Tools to Improve Quality in Business Sector
Irena Ograjenšek
16.30 BREAK
17.00 Statistics         Chair: M. Perman
Sample Size and Design Considerations for Multicenter Cost-Effectiveness Studies: The COSTAMI Case Study
Dario Gregori and Alessandro Desideri
Testing Symmetry by an Easy-To-Calculate Statistic Based on Letter Values
Maurizio Brizzi
Measures of Information for Continuous Variables
Katarina Košmelj, Anton Cedilnik, and Polona Kalan
20.00 Poetry Reading and a Discussion with the Author Aleš Debeljak ►

FRIDAY, September 24, 1999
to SUNDAY, September 26, 1999

  Meeting of the Group Working on Slovene Statistical Terminology