Preliminary Program
of the International Conference on Applied Statistics
Preddvor, 15 - 17 September 1997

Last change: September 5, 1997

Dear colleagues and friends,

I sent you some days ago the preliminary program of the international conference on 'Applied Statistics' which will be held in Preddvor from September 15 to 17, 1997. Do not forget that there will be an excursion to Dolenjska organized on Thursday, September 18. It will take from 9 a.m. to approximately 5 p.m. It would be great if you could also take part of it. We will do our best to make an interesting excursion to the South Eastern part of Slovenia with many very nice castles.

I would appreciate if each of you look very carefully the preliminary program and send me your comments, if necessary. The invited speaker will have 50 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for the discussion. The other speakers will have 25 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for the discussion. I put several colleagues and friends as chairmen of some sessions. I do hope you agree with these roles.

There will be an overhead projector and a data show available. If you need some other things for your presentation, please, send me a message.

Some participants will arrive by airplane. We can provide a transportation from the airport to Preddvor. Some of you sent me the arrival information. I would appreciate if others would also send me the arrival information to organize you the transportation. The same is true also for the railway transportation.

You can make the hotel reservation by yourself or I can do it for you. If you have not sent me the dates you can still do it.

Please, contact me if you have any further question or problem.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in Preddvor very soon.

With best wishes, Nusa

SUNDAY, September 14, 1997

9.00 - 17.00 IRMCS Meeting
17.30 - 19.00 Registration and Informal Meeting in Castle Hrib

MONDAY, September 15, 1997

8.00 - 9.00 Registration in Castle Hrib
9.00 Opening of the Conference
9.15 INVITED ADDRESS: Chair: A. Ferligoj
Karl G. Jöreskog, University of Uppsala, Sweden
Analysis of ordinal variables in longitudinal studies: The PRELIS-LISREL approach
10.30 LISREL Approach Chair: K.G. Jöreskog
The multiplicative effects of sample size reliability and model specification on
the behavior of GFI and RMSEA in confirmatory factor analysis

Mark Shevlin and Jeremy Miles
Systematic and random method effects - Estimating method bias and method variance
Germa Coenders
MTMM analysis in case of nonattitudes
Willem Saris
12.15 MTMM Approach Chair: W. Saris
Planned missing value patterns in MTMM using the EM algorithm
Brendan Bunting and Gary Adamson
Normal-ogive model versus linear model
Ferry Reith
Quality of different measurement scales in social network analysis
Anu"ska Ferligoj and Valentina Hlebec
15.15 Measurement Chair: G. Coenders
Experimental test of axiom of n-variable bisymmetry
Akos Munnich
Plausible values for estimates of ability parameters in Rasch models
Mojca Trobec and Mihael Perman
16.30 Survey Methodology Chair: A. Scherpenzeel
Balancing MSE and number of contacts
Katja Lozar and Vasja Vehovar
Analysis of randomized response data
Eszter Bornemisza
How to develop an expert system for choosing an appropriate measurement instrument
Jasna Horvat, Nata"sa "Sarlija, and Anu"ska Ferligoj
18.15 Social Science Applications Chair: K. Ko"smelj
Effects of rank versus category in measuring subjective social inequality
Jurgen H.P. Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik and Dagmar Krebs
Potential emigration of scientists from Slovenia in the mid 90s - Methods of analysis and results
Milena Bevc
Offered by Toma"z Banovec, director of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

TUESDAY, September 16, 1997

9.00 INVITED ADDRESS: Chair: A. Ferligoj
Michael Schemper, Vienna University, Austria
Explained variation and overfit in logistic regression
10.15 Biostatistics 1 Chair: M. Schemper
Least squares regression with censored survival data
Janez Stare and Harald Heinzl
Dangers of using 'optimal' cutpoints in the evaluation of cyclical prognostic factors
Harald Heinzl
A multiplicative exponential cure model and its application to recidivism data
Mohamed E. Ghitany
12.00 Biostatistics 2 Chair: H. Friedl
Modelling the yield law: Single nutrient response curves
Predrag "Sesek and Katarina Ko"smelj
All-cause mortality and outdoor NO2 in Zagreb
Diana "Simi'c, Anamarija Jazbec, Mladen Pavlovi'c, and Janko Hr"sak
A WHO cross-national survey (1986-1990-1994):
Evolution of health-related behaviour in school-aged children in Spain

J.M. Batista-Foguet, R. Mendoza, M. Perez, and R. Rius
15.00 Modeling Chair: B. Bunting
The mixture index of fit for L-1 regression
Tamas Rudas
Comparison of L1 and L2 criteria in the linear switching regression: A Monte Carlo simulation
Polona Tominc and Lada Bele Tominc
Non-linear relations: What they are and some suggestions on what to do about them
Ambro"zi"c Franci
16.45 Sampling Chair: D. Krebs
Non-response and socio-demographic characteristics of enumeration areas's
Vasja Vehovar and Metka Zaletel
The optimal composite sample design and its application
Katarina Ko"smelj, Anton Cedilnik, and Polona Kalan
Does the ILO definition of unemployment produce a biased sample?
Ray Thomas
18.30 Applications in Economy Chair: J.M. Batista-Foguet
The use of bank services by the companies in Slovenia
Jo"ze Rovan, Du"san Mramor, and Igor Horvat
Antecedents and consequences of customer satisfaction: A LISREL model application
Vesna "Zabkar

WEDNESDAY, September 17, 1997

9.00 INVITED ADDRESS: Chair: A. Ferligoj
Michael Greenacre, University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
Data coding and visualization
10.15 Data Analysis 1 Chair: M. Greenacre
Exploring data analysis: Simple yet effective
Andrej Blejec
Visualizing ordered structures
Matja"z Zaver"snik and Vladimir Batagelj
Pajek - A program package for visualization and analysis of large networks
Andrej Mrvar and Vladimir Batagelj
12.00 Data Analysis 2 Chair: M. Hussain
Description of non-precise data
Reinhard Viertl
Fuzzy partitions
Slavka Bodjanova
Clustering large networks
Simona Korenjak-"Cerne and Vladimir Batagelj
15.00 Dissimilarities Chair: A. Munnich
Metric index - Examples of data analysis methods with transformed dissimilarities
Matev"z Bren and Vladimir Batagelj
Dissimilarity based property prediction
Damijana Ker"zi"c and Vladimir Batagelj
16.15 Clustering Applications Chair: S. Bodjanova
Motivation and job orientation: A cluster analytical approach
Dagmar Krebs and Martin Berger
Analysis of Osp marriages
Tamara Bertok and Vladimir Batagelj
17.30 Measuring TV audience Chair: T. Rudas
The influence of data collection techniques on the TV viewing research results
Jasna Pocajt and Patricia Cucin
TV audience measurement: The influence of different data collection methods on the results
Bla"z Vodopivec, Rudi Tav"car, and Toma"z Arh
Measuring TV audience migrations
Zenel Batagelj and Andra"z Zorko
19.00 Closing

THURSDAY, September 18, 1997

9.00 Bus departure to Dolenjska (Novo mesto, Castle Oto"cec, Kostanjevica, Castle Bre"zice)