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% % GB.TEX - LaTeX input file % % P. Doreian, V. Batagelj, A. Ferligoj % Generalized Blockmodeling / Title page % (c)1994-2001 Vladimir Batagelj, Patrick Doreian, Anuska Ferligoj % ------------------------------------------------------------- % \documentclass[11pt]{book} \usepackage{makeidx} \usepackage{mslapa} \usepackage{emlines} \usepackage{multicol} \usepackage{cluse} \usepackage{net} \usepackage[dvips]{epsfig} \usepackage[dvips]{graphics} %\usepackage{times} %\usepackage{csz} \makeindex \makeauthorindex \draft \font\tit=cmcsc10 scaled 2667 \font\aut=cmcsc10 scaled \magstep3 \def\GBook{GBook} \renewcommand{\remark}[1]{} \renewcommand{\note}[1]{} \newcommand{\7}{\'{c}} \def\see#1#2{\emph{see} #1, #2} \begin{document} \thispagestyle{empty} \begin{center} \strut\vfill \tit Generalized Blockmodeling \\[5mm] \aut draft\\[45mm] \aut Patrick Doreian\\ Vladimir Batagelj\\ Anu\v{s}ka Ferligoj\\ \vfill Pittsburgh, Ljubljana \\[1mm] \today \rm\normalsize \vspace*{10mm} \end{center} \clearpage \thispagestyle{empty} \noindent Copyright \copyright\ 1994-2001 Vladimir Batagelj, Patrick Doreian, Anu\v{s}ka Ferligoj. All rights reserved.\bigskip\\ \vfill\hrule\medskip \Large\noindent\normalsize \clearpage \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Table of Contents} \tableofcontents \input GBch1 \input GBch2 \input GBch3 \input GBch4 \input GBch5 \input GBch6 \input GBch7 \input GBch8 \input GBch9 \input GBch10 \input GBch11 \clearpage \input aGB \clearpage \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Subject index} \input sGB \clearpage \bibliographystyle{mslapa} %\bibliographystyle{plain} %\nocite{*} %\bibliography{bib_net} \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Bibliography} \input bib.bbl \end{document} % =========================================== Net.sty

Seznam avtorjev

authors.bat makeindex -s aind.ist -o aGB.tex gb.glo Aind.ist %% actual '=' quote '!' level '>' item_0 "\n\\item [" item_x1 "\\efill \n \\subitem " item_x2 "\\ " delim_0 "] " delim_1 "\\quad " delim_2 "\\quad " % The next lines will produce some warnings when % running Makeindex as they try to cover two different % versions of the program: %lethead_prefix "{\\bfseries\\hfil " %lethead_suffix "\\hfil}\\nopagebreak\n" %lethead_flag 0 heading_prefix "\\item[]{\\bfseries " heading_suffix "\\hfil}\\nopagebreak\n" headings_flag 1 preamble "\\begin{theglossary} \n" postamble "\n\n \\end{theglossary}\n" keyword "\\glossaryentry" %% %% End of file `aind.ist'.

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Subject.bat makeindex -s sind.ist -o sGB.tex gb.idx Sind.ist % Subject index heading_prefix "\\hfil{\\bfseries " heading_suffix "\\hfil}\\nopagebreak\n" headings_flag 1 preamble "\\begin{theindex} {\\small\n" postamble "\n\n} \\end{theindex}\n"


Bib.tex \documentclass[11pt]{book} \usepackage{net} \usepackage{mslapa} %\usepackage{bib} \draft \newcommand{\7}{\'{c}} \begin{document} \nocite{*} \bibliographystyle{mslapa} %\bibliographystyle{plain} \bibliography{bib_net} \end{document} Bib.sty \renewcommand{\@biblabel}[1]{} \endinput Biblio.bat latex bib bibtex bib latex bib