Pajek - History

September 4, 1998 Removing all lines inside the cluster implemented.
September 2, 1998 Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
August 31, 1998 Pajek 0.32: Making partition from hierarchy and expanding partition according to another partition implemented.
August 30, 1998 Modification of making network from hierarchy and extracting cluster from hierarchy done.
August 28, 1998 Symmetric-Acyclic decomposition of network implemented.
August 24, 1998 Pajek 0.31: Computing aestetic properties of a given layout implemented (number of crossings, closest vertices,...)
August 20, 1998 Modified shrink procedure, possibility of drawing/hiding lines of network, and possibility of selecting maximum number of vertices in network that will still be drawn implemented.
August 10, 1998 Export to Kinemages format implemented. You need Mage viewer to watch it. A free copy of the Mage software can be downloaded from Download Mage)
July 27-31, 1998 Pajek presented at Dagstuhl Seminar, Germany - Graph Algorithms and Applications.
July 22, 1998 Reflection around y axis added.
July 21, 1998 Test if network is acyclic added to genealogy depth partition.
June 22-27, 1998 Pajek presented at 13th MATH/CHEM/COMP Conference on the Interfaces among Mathematics, Chemistry and Combinatorics, Dubrovnik, Croatia
May 31, 1998 Pajek presented at Sunbelt XVIII and 5th European Conference on Social Networks, Sitges, Spain
May 27, 1998 Workshop on Pajek at Sunbelt XVIII and 5th European Conference on Social Networks, Sitges, Spain
May 24, 1998 Pajek 0.30: Some bugs fixed and new macros added.
May 11, 1998 Pajek 0.29: Possibility of marking lines added.
May 7, 1998 Pajek presented at DSI'98, Portoroz, Slovenia
April 29, 1998 Hierarchy as additional result of searching fragments added.
April 15, 1998 Pajek 0.28: Export to MDL MOLfile implemented. This kind of files can be examined using Netscape plugin Chime (Chemscape Chime).
April 13, 1998 Reading MDL MOLfiles (*.mol) implemented (often used in molecular graphics).
April 12, 1998 Generating random network having fixed input or output degrees of vertices implemented.
April 8, 1998 Pajek 0.27: Export to VRML improved to fit better in CosmoPlayer.
March 28, 1998 Pajek 0.26: Drawing vertices using real sizes of vertices implemented.
March 27, 1998 Storing additional settings (Colors and Sizes) in Draw window implemented.
March 25, 1998 Pajek 0.25: Improved version of optimisation 2D layers implemented.
March 17, 1998 Pajek 0.24: Extracting selected class(es) to GEDCOM file implemented.
March 4, 1998 Pajek 0.23: Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
March 3, 1998 Generalised and faster version of biconnected components implemented.
February 26, 1998 Improved version of genealogy depth partition implemented.
February 19, 1998 New option (forget values of lines) in CPM algorithm added.
February 12, 1998 Pajek presented at Enajsto posvetovanje sekcije za raziskovanje informacijskih sistemov, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
January 27, 1998 Box and Diamond as additional default shapes in DRAW/Export/Options included.
January 21, 1998 Additional default EPS options in DRAW/Export/Options included (Colors must begin with capital letter!).
January 18, 1998 Converting all arcs in both directions to edges implemented.
January 17, 1998 Modification of reading/saving windows done.
January 16, 1998 Determining coordinates of vertices in original network according to coordinates of vertices in shrunk network implemented.
January 12, 1998 Possibility of displaying selected labels determined by the partition using Options/Mark vertices using/Selected Class implemented
January 10, 1998 Pajek signature on EPS files added, triangle and double edge shapes implemented.
January 7, 1998 New algrithms for 2D an 3D drawing by layers added.
January, 4, 1998 Autosaving working directories added.
December 27, 1997 Generalisation of searching fragments implemented.
December 16, 1997 Pgraph (D. R. White) genealogy format and drawing dotted lines (p Dots) implemented.
December 14, 1997 Info of hierarchy implemented.
December 10, 1997 UCINET (DL) input and output format added.
December 5, 1997 Minimization of total length of lines in drawing by layers implemented (relocation algorithm).
November 30, 1997 Genealogy depth partition implemented.
November 28, 1997 Possibility of typing only the beginning of vertex labels (some first characters) and then selecting from the list of hits implemented (when searching k-neighbours or paths, editing network).
November 26, 1997 Pajek 0.15: Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia
November 25, 1997 Drawing in layers in z direction implemented.
November 23, 1997 Draw/Option/ScrollBar implemented (Moving across the picture of network when one part of the picture is selected. Spinning picture when whole picture is selected - like pressing keys X,Y,Z,S or x,y,z,s [opposite direction]).
November 22, 1997 Depth and breadth first numbering (permutation) implemented.
November 20, 1997 Addition of partitions implemented.
November 17, 1997 Pajek 0.14: Macro execution implemented.
November 12, 1997 Operations on two partitions and reordering of partition implemented.
November 1, 1997 Editing Clustering implemented.
October 31, 1997 Exporting to EPS/PS using WYSIWYG option implemented (What You See Is What You Get - exported EPS picture is similar to picture in Draw window)
October 30, 1997 Single right mouse click on selected vertex in Draw window brings you to Edit window, where you can edit lines that belong to selected vertex: delete line [double left mouse click on selected line], add line [double left mouse click on Newline] or change value of selected line [single right mouse click].
October 27, 1997 Additional results in shortest paths and maximum flow algorithms implemented.
October 25, 1997 Removing all arcs/edges implemented.
October 18, 1997 Reading GEDCOM (genealogy) format and shapes partition implemented.
October 18, 1997 Pajek presented at Second Austrian Slovene Joint Statistics Meeting of Young Statisticians, Pliberk (Bleiburg), Austria.
October 16, 1997 Autosaving position and size of Main and Draw window implemented.
September 5, 1997 Refinement of partition according to network (reachability) and transforming partition to its canonical form implemented
August 30, 1997 Values of lines considered as similarities/dissimilarities when computing eigenvectors (or consider all values as 1)
August 22, 1997 Possibility to input constraints for feasible positions when moving vertices by hand in Draw window implemented.
August 17, 1997 Conversion of hierarchy into network implemented
August 15, 1997 Simple version of execution of Petri net implemented
July 28, 1997 Searching diameter (longest shortest path) of network included
July 19, 1997 Modification of Fruchterman-Reingold algorithm
July 9, 1997 Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia
July 8, 1997 Additional statistics of partitions (Info/Partition) implemented
July 5, 1997 Obtaining layout(s) using eigenvalues/eigenvectors (Lanczos algorithm) implemented (first implementation done by Bor Plestenjak)
June 23-28, 1997 Pajek presented at 12th MATH/CHEM/COMP Conference on the Interfaces among Mathematics, Chemistry and Combinatorics, Dubrovnik, Croatia
June 15, 1997 Reduction of flow graphs, searching fragments (in moleculae or graphs)
June 7, 1997 Ball and stick input and output format and MacMol output format added (often used in molecular graphics)
June 1, 1997 Storing in matrix form, generalized binary operations and multiple zoom implemented
May 14, 1997 Fisheye transformation and binary operations on networks implemented
May 7, 1997 Procedure identify added - reorder and/or fuse vertices from partition
April 30, 1997 Fruchterman-Reingold algorithm for automatic layout generation in space implemented
April 24-25, 1997 Pajek presented at 15th Leoben-Ljubljana Seminar on Combinatorics, Leoben, Austria
April 23, 1997 Spin in space, export to VRML
April 20, 1997 Modification of EPS format (importing pictures to Word for Windows)
April 16, 1997 Pajek 0.3: Centers, Spin in plane
April 10, 1997 Pajek presented at DSI'97, Portoroz, Slovenia
April 2, 1997 Pajek 0.2: Export to EPS/PS implemented
March 19, 1997     Line values used in Energy drawing algorithm
February 13-16, 1997 Pajek presented at XVII Sunbelt Conference in San Diego, USA
January 29, 1997 Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia
January 15, 1997 Pajek 0.1: Visual presentation and Energy drawing (Kamada-Kawai) added
December 22, 1996 First version of program - implementation of basic algorithms
November 15, 1996 First ideas about large network analysis program