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How to
print pictures produced with Pajek

Pajek does not have a command to directly print the created picture.

There exist several indirect ways how to achieve this.
First we have in the Pajek's Draw window in menu Export to save the picture in a selected format: BMP (bitmap), EPS (Encapsulated Postscript), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) or some other. The size and the ratio of the picture┬┤s width and height are proportional to the dimensions of the drawing window in which the picture was created. The properties of picture elements can be specified in Options and, for EPS and SVG, also in Export/Options. Additional properties for EPS pictures can be given on the network input file (NET). These options are described at DrawEPS.htm (available also at the Pajek directory).

The picture saved in BMP format is usually very large. Using some picture editor we can transform (open and then save in other format) it into some compressed format. We suggest the format PNG (Portable Network Graphics). The compressed picture occupy only some percentages of the original BMP file. Pictures saved in PNG format can be used also on the Internet or in the Word documents. After saving in PNG we can delete the original BMP file. From the picture editor we can also print the picture. On Windows we recommend the picture viewer/editor IrfanView

Pajek offers the most options for specifying pictures saved in the EPS format. An EPS file contains a formal description of the picture using basic graphical elements (curves and figures) and specifying their properties (color, width, ...). The quality of the display depends only on the quality of the output device (screen, printer). It can be also imported in program Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and further enhanced. From these programs it can be also printed. Both programs are rather expensive. For nocost viewing and printing of EPS pictures we have to install the free programs GsView and GhostScript

If we have access to a Postscript printer we can include EPS pictures also in Word documents (they will not be seen on the screen !!!) and print them. An EPS can bi also directly printed on a Postscript printer.

Pictures saved in SVG format can be viewed and printed using a web browser (IE, NS) with the installed SVG viewer (plug-in)

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