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generate random genealogies

For generating random genealogies a special program GeneoRnd was written (running in command mode - DOS).

GeneoRnd produces required number of random genealogies exported as Pajek project file (Ore graph or/and p-graph format) or/and GEDCOM files. Besides networks, GeneoRnd adds on *.paj file also the vector of birth year for each person and the gendre partition (1-Female/2-Male). The values of lines are the years when they were created (marriage, birth). On the file report.lst it writes the trace of generation process.

A 'random' layout for each network is provided on a *.paj file: random x-coordinate, y-coordinate proportional to year (birth, marriage for couples in p-graphs). Additional information - circle/triangle for sex, solid/dotted for son/dauther is also added. .

To import Pajek project file in Pajek use

File/Pajek project File/read
Program GeneoRnd can be controled with the following parameters:

--- parameters ---
format                     =         4
number of genealogies      =         3
max vertices               =    500000
number of vertices         =        50
number of initial vertices =        10
polygamy allowed           =         0
sex F  probability         = 0.5000000
death F probability        = 0.0100000
death M probability        = 0.0100000
divorce probability        = 0.1000000
marriage probability       = 0.3000000
reproduction probability   = 0.2500000
F reproduction start       =        18
F reproduction end         =        45
F life span                =        80
M reproduction start       =        20
M reproduction end         =        75
M life span                =        75

The program GeneoRnd saves the values of parameters on the file gen.par. To protect its content rename it, for example to testS.par. Next time you can start the program prom the command line (in DOS)

geneoRnd par=testS.par
avoiding the interactive input of parameters. Since the *.par files are text files you can edit them using any text editor (NotePad). The order of parameters is the same as in the above list.

See also the slides.

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