Pajek - History

May 6, 2010 Pajek 1.27: Export to SVG modified: picture is drawn in several layers to make further editing with InkScape easier.
May 1, 2010 Bug when exporting characters coded as &#dddd; to SVG fixed. See also: Using Unicode in Pajek's pictures
March 8, 2010 Minor bug in File/Network/Export Matrix to EPS/ Using Permutation fixed.
February 8, 2010 Minor change in Fix selected vertices suboption of Kamada-Kawai drawing.
February 4, 2010 Bug in Brokerage roles fixed.
January 1, 2010 Pajek 1.26: Proportional reduction of error reported as result of partitioning signed networks.
November 17, 2009 Several minor changes in reporting results of partitioning signed networks included.
October 8, 2009 Possibility to use larger / smaller shapes in Export matrix to EPS added.
October 6, 2009 Possibility to use thicker lines for dividing clusters in Export matrix to EPS added.
October 1, 2009 Dotted lines for dividing clusters in greyscale Export matrix to EPS added.
September 25, 2009 Procedure for symmetric-acyclic decomposition modified to enable macro execution.
September 21, 2009 Parameter Large Network added to Options/ReadWrite. When number of vertices is larger than this value, additional questions or warnings appear during Pajek execution.
September 9, 2009 Nets/Cross-Intersection and Nets/Intersection generalized to take line values into account (Add, Sub, Mul, Div, Min, Max, 1st, 2nd).
September 3, 2009 Net/Transform/Remove/Triangle added (removing arcs belonging to upper or lower triangle).
September 2, 2009 Net/Transform/Line Values/Constant added (min or max of line value and selected constant).
July 16, 2009 Pajek 1.25: Attraction rates added to report of relaxed balance procedures.
May 28, 2009 Diamonds in GreyScale added to Export matrix to EPS.
April 15, 2009 Vector/Make 2-Mode Network added.
April 14, 2009 Vector/Transform/Invert added.
April 13, 2009 Operations/Vector/Vector#Network generalized to 2-mode networks.
April 6, 2009 Operations/Vector/Network*Vector generalized to 2-mode networks.
April 3, 2009 Average Degree added to Info/Network/General.
March 2, 2009 Saving Ore graph to GEDCOM file implemented.
Ore graph must be stored in format defined by Klaus Hamberger:
1-Wi.Hu , 2-Mo.Da, 3-Mo.So, 4-Fa.Da, 5-Fa.So. Example.
The other possible format is Pajek Ore graph: 1-Fa.Ch, 2-Mo.Ch, 3-Hu-Wi (edge), or 1-Pa.Ch, 3-Hu-Wi (edge).
January 5, 2009 Binary partition containing vertices on Critical path added as result of CPM.
January 4, 2009 Partitions/Merge implemented.
January 1, 2009 Pajek 1.24: Layout/Kamada-Kawai/Separate Components for drawing networks containing several disconnected components implemented.
November 22, 2008 ZoomOut added to Draw window menu (visible only when zooming in layout).
November 16, 2008 Layout/Tile Components implemented.
November 15, 2008 Minor bug in Layout/Energy/Kamada-Kawai/Selected group only fixed.
October 9, 2008 Bug when loading INI files containing external tools fixed.
October 1, 2008 Reporting lines in input file causing errors when reading partitions and vectors added.
July 23, 2008 Options/Mark Vertices Using/Vector Values generalized for drawing with two vectors.
April 1, 2008 Pajek 1.23: Bug in blockmodeling 2-mode networks starting with given partition fixed.
February 26, 2008 Net/Partitions/Depth/Generational implemented.
February 18, 2008 Possibility to prespecify types of blocks in partitioning signed networks implemented: by entering letters P, N, or 0 to cells to require positive, negative or null blocks or leaving cells empty (in this case the block can be of any type).
February 4, 2008 Net/Transform/2-Mode to 1-Mode/Cols=0 added.
January 22-23, 2008 Workshop on Pajek at Sunbelt XXVIII Social Networks Conference, St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA
January 16, 2008 Pajek 1.22: File/Network/Export Matrix to EPS/Labels on Top/Right added.
January 5, 2008 Generating Godparent or Godfather and Godmother relations when reading GEDCOM as Ore graph added.
December 15, 2007 Several additional parameters added to Operations/Balance* procedure.
October 29, 2007 Diamonds for Negative Values added to exporting matrices to EPS (possibility to use diamonds for negative values to distinguish them also in black and white printing).
October 28, 2007 In relaxed relocation algorithm for partitioning signed graphs null blocks can be used in addition to positive and negative blocks.
October 10, 2007 Reduction according to Subdivisions generalized to multiple relations and valued networks.
October 5, 2007 Pajek 1.21: Problems with filenames containing spaces in log and mcr files solved.
September 10, 2007 Redraw after moving and redraw on paint added to Options/Layout/Redraw menu.
September 8, 2007 Entering numerical data in Export/Options changed.
August 28, 2007 Shrinking networks generalized to multiple relations networks.
August 18, 2007 Maximum number of constraints in blockmodeling raised from 50 to 1000.
August 15, 2007 Only straight lines added to Export/Options (drawing bidireced and multiple lines without curves).
August 1, 2007 Another algorithm for partitioning signed 1-mode graphs implemented (relaxed balance: no distinction between diagonal and off-diagonal blocks: each block can be positive or negative).
July 1, 2007 Bug in Clustering with relational constraint procedure fixed.
June 26, 2007 Pajek 1.20: Net/Hierarchical Decomposition/Clustering with Relational Constraint implemented.
June 14, 2007 Create Null Partition generalized to Create Constant Partition and Create Identity Vector generalized to Create Constant Vector.
June 11, 2007 Relocation algorithm for partitioning signed graphs extended to work with 2-mode networks.
June 9, 2007 Generating random 2-mode partitions implemented.
May 30, 2007 Vector/Transform/Normalize/Standardize implemented.
May 22, 2007 Possibility to add loops determined by vector as arcs or edges added.
May 16, 2007 Problem with running Pajek from write protected directories fixed: Add text file pajek.dir to the directory containing Pajek.exe. The contents of the file is the name of working (non-write protected) directory.
May 15, 2007 Extracting 2-mode network from ordinary 1-mode network according to given clusters of partition implemented.
May 7, 2007 WAIT and EMPTYREPORT added to list of macro commands.
May 2, 2007 Exports to SVG modified so that HTML checkboxes are functional also in Mozilla Firefox.
May 1-2, 2007 Workshop on Pajek at Sunbelt XXVII Social Networks Conference, Corfu, Greece.
April 8, 2007 Pajek 1.19: Min, Max, and Cover with added to Partitions menu.
April 5, 2007 Operations/Transform/Add/Time Intervals determined by Partitions implemented - changing network to temporal network using two partitions - first partition determines initial time point, second determines terminal time point of each vertex.
April 1, 2007 Additional output in Report window for Intersection of Partitions generated.
March 25, 2007 Euclidean, Manhattan, Canberra, (1-Cosine)/2 dissimilarities among Vectors determined by Cluster implemented - dissimilarities are computed as line values of given network.
March 16, 2007 Operations/Dissimilarity/Network based/Options/Among all linked Vertices only implemented - dissimilarities are computed as line values of given network.
March 4, 2007 Net/Partitions/Valued Core/2-Mode implemented.
February 24, 2007 Pajek 1.18: Some minor bugs fixed.
February 3, 2007 Fusion of Permutations implemented.
January 14, 2007 Generalized blockmodeling of 2-mode networks implemented.
December 23, 2006 Possibility to edit (add, remove) constraints in generalized blockmodeling procedure added.
November 10, 2006 Pajek 1.17: Export to X3D (XML based 3D computer graphics, the successor of VRML) implemented.
October 24, 2006 Export to kinemages updated to be compatible with KiNG (successor of Mage).
October 23, 2006 Export/Append to Pajek project file added. The export can be used by program for visualization of temporal networks in SVG: PajekToSVGAnim.
October 7, 2006 Pajek 1.16: Options/Colors/Partition Colors/for Font added.
September 25, 2006 Addittional parameters for color and size of font in macro commands DRAW, EPS, SVG and BITMAP included. See Execute.htm.
September 24, 2006 Options/Size/of Font/Use Third Partition for FontSize implemented (used in Draw window, Bitmap, EPS and SVG export).
September 20, 2006 Options/Colors/Font/Vertices/Use Second Partition for FontColor implemented (used in Draw window, Bitmap, EPS and SVG export).
August 12, 2006 Net/Transform/Bidirected Arcs -> Arcs implemented.
July 25, 2006 Pajek 1.15: Additional suboption in transforming Partition to Hierarchy added.
July 12, 2006 Export to SVG with checkboxes included in SVG (standalone SVG without HTML). See: sample SVG file. Works with Internet Explorer and plain Mozilla.
June 22, 2006 Saving networks in GraphML file format (XML based) added.
May 22, 2006 Net/Partitions/Core/2-Mode Border implemented.
April 18, 2006 Pajek 1.14: Net/Transform/Add/Default Vertex Labels added.
April 16, 2006 Check equality of vertex (line) descriptions by reading added to Options/ReadWrite (unchecking the option speeds up reading large networks having many different descriptions of vertices/lines, e.g. time stamps for temporal networks).
April 15, 2006 Net/Transform/Generate in Time/Interval implemented.
April 12, 2006 Bug when computing 2-mode density for very large networks fixed.
April 2, 2006 Vectors/Fuse Vectors implemented.
March 27, 2006 Pajek 1.13: Several draw commands written to log file (possibility to include them in batch executions). Details.
March 21, 2006 Exports to output fomats (EPS, SVG, VRML, Kinemage, MDLMOL, Bitmap) written to log file (possibility to include exports in batch executions). Details.
March 7, 2006 Export to SVG modified to be functional in Mozilla Firefox.
February 12, 2006 Export/Options/Use RGB colors instead of CMYK implemented.
February 2, 2006 Pajek 1.12: Net/Transform/Remove/Selected Vertices implemented.
January 24, 2006 Partition/Make Network/2-Mode Network implemented.
January 22, 2006 Layout/Circular/using Partition implemented: drawing vertices on several circles according to selected partition.
January 18, 2006 Info/Network/Vertex Label -> Vertex Number added.
January 15, 2006 Bug when loading Pajek INI files fixed.
January 12-14, 2006 Pajek presented at Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria.
January 6, 2006 Minor change in presenting result of hierarchical clustering as Hierarchy made.
January 5, 2006 Transforming Hierarchy to Permutation (Hierarchy/Make Permutation) implemented.
January 4, 2006 Changing positions of nodes (pushing nodes up and down within level) in hierachy implemented.
January 3, 2006 Transforming 2-Mode network with the same subsets of vertices to 1-Mode network implemented (Net/Transform/2-Mode to 1-Mode/Rows=Cols).
January 2, 2006 Transforming any network to 2-Mode network (both subsets of vertices in obtained 2-Mode network are the same) implemented (Net/Transform/1-Mode to 2-Mode).
January 1, 2006 Pajek 1.11: Possibility to use the Second Vector for heights of vertices added (Draw/Draw-2Vectors and Draw/Draw-Partition-2Vectors).
December 28, 2005 Additional Combo-boxes for Second Network, Second Partition, Third Partition, Second Vector and Second Permutation added in main Pajek window. Calling operations with two objects of the same type changed.
December 4, 2005 Possibility to place multi-line labels using \n on vertices and edges/arcs, e.g. Label1\nLabel2 (in Draw window, EPS and SVG).
November 3, 2005 Net/Transform/Multiple Relations/Generate 3-Mode Network added - generating 3-mode networks from ordinary or 2-mode multirelatinal networks.
November 2, 2005 Bug when exporting networks using partitions to SVG fixed.
November 1, 2005 Pajek 1.10: Possibility to generate vertices as WWW anchors in SVG and VRML if URL is used in their description. See: sample NET file.
October 25, 2005 Calling the browser with specified URL when clicking with Shift and Right mouse button on the vertex in Draw window added. See: sample NET file.
October 24, 2005 Possibility to select default web browser added to Tools menu.
October 20-21, 2005 Pajek presented at Applications of Social Network Analysis 2005, Zurich, Switzerland.
October 15, 2005 Bug when exporting to EPS fixed. If labels of vertices or lines contain characters ( or ) they are replaced by { or }.
October 14, 2005 Possibility to generate multirelational networks from 2-mode networks added (if option Multiple Lines is checked and Partition of the same dimension as Network is selected).
September 29, 2005 Possibility of storing complete description of vertices added to Options/ ReadWrite (otherwise: if consequent vertices have same descriptions, e.g. shapes, time intervals... description is omitted).
September 18-21, 2005 Pajek presented at Applied Statistics 2005, Ribno, Slovenia.
September 14, 2005 Bug in intersection and difference of undirected networks fixed.
September 8, 2005 2-Mode Density added to Info/Network/General.
September 1, 2005 Pajek 1.09: Bug when generating 2-Mode networks in time fixed: results are 2-mode networks.
August 28, 2005 Net/Partitions/Core/2-Mode Review implemented.
August 26, 2005 Displaying small networks as matrices in Pajek report window modified to handle 2-mode networks.
August 24, 2005 Counting shortcuts in 4-rings added.
August 23, 2005 Triangles renamed to 3-rings, tetrads renamed to 4-rings. Some modifications in 3-rings (to make results compatible with 4-rings).
August 21, 2005 Net/Partitions/Core/2-Mode implemented.
August 14, 2005 Pajek 1.08: Intersection of networks renamed to Cross-Intersection, Difference of networks renamed to Cross-Difference. New Intersection and Difference menu options added (taking relation numbers into account).
August 12, 2005 Net/Transform/Multiple Relations/ Change Relation Number - Label generalized to enable selection of several relations, e.g. 1-3,6,10-15 (useful for recoding, fusing,...).
August 7, 2005 Counting undirected, cyclic, diamonds, genealogical, transitive, and all types of tetrads to which each line belongs implemented (see manual).
August 1, 2005 Reduction according to degree generalized to select cluster of vertices on which to perform operation (e.g. one mode of 2-mode network).
July 31, 2005 Extracting subnetworks modified to retain information about 1 and 2 mode networks.
July 28, 2005 Maximum number of objects in log and macro files increased from 10000 to 10000000.
July 15, 2005 Pajek 1.07: Possibility to rename Pajek objects (networks, partitions...) in Pajek window added (e.g., File/Network/Change Label). Set of macros Kinship for calculating kinship relations in genealogies added.
July 13, 2005 Partition/Make Cluster changed to enable selecting noncontiguous ranges in partition.
June 27 2005 Possibility to define multiple relation temporal networks using matrix format added.
June 9, 2005 Pajek 1.06: Change in Bow-Tie partition (see manual).
May 15, 2005 Some minor bugs fixed.
May 4, 2005 Change in removing multiple lines for multirelational networks: only multiple paralel lines belonging to the same relation are replaced by a single line belonging to that relation.
May 1, 2005 Pajek 1.05: Net/Transform/Remove/all arcs from each vertex except/k with highest (lowest) line values implemented.
April 28, 2005 Gender partition as additional result of reading GEDCOM files as Ore graphs added.
April 27, 2005 Multiplying large sparse 2-mode networks (Nets/Multiply First * Second) implemented.
April 23, 2005 Net/Partitions/2-Mode implemented (partition of vertices of a 2-mode network into two subsets).
April 22, 2005 Net/Transform/Transpose/2-Mode implemented.
April 21, 2005 Change in internal presentations and reading 2-Mode networks.
April 20, 2005 Net/Numbering/Reverse Cuthill-McKee implemented. (See paper: RCM algorithm).
April 19, 2005 Net/Transform/Remove/multiple lines/Single Line implemented.
April 18, 2005 Fusing selected cluster numbers of partition to a new cluster number (Partition/Fuse Clusters) implemented.
April 17, 2005 Multiplying large sparse 1-mode networks (Nets/Multiply First * Second) implemented.
April 13-15, 2005 Pajek presented at DSI 2005, Portorož, Slovenia.
April 1, 2005 Pajek 1.04: Change in structural holes result: aggregate constraint of isolated vertices is 1 now (before it was 0).
March 23, 2005 Bugs when exporting large matrices to EPS and drawing large dendrograms fixed.
February 25, 2005 New button added to color table for partition and relation numbers.
February 24, 2005 Additional option in fragment searching added (Check relation number).
February 23, 2005 Transforming network to a multiple relation network using a partition implemented (Operations/ ExpandPartition/ Make Multiple Relations Network) .
February 16, 2005 Workshop on Pajek at Sunbelt XXV Social Networks Conference, Redondo Beach, CA, USA.
January 22, 2005 Minor bug when drawing dotted arcs in Draw window fixed.
January 15, 2005 Pajek 1.03: Operations/Functional Composition/?*? added.
January 12, 2005 Options/Lines/Draw Lines/Relations changed to enable displaying noncontiguous relations.
January 7, 2005 Minor change in strong components algorithm - result is a canonical partition.
January 6, 2005 Net/Transform/Multiple Relations/Extract Relation(s) changed to enable extracting noncontiguous relations.
January 6, 2005 Possibility of selecting noncontiguous ranges in partition (e.g. 1-3,6,10-15) added (used for example when extracting subnetworks).
January 5, 2005 Extracted partition as additional result of extracting network according to partition added.
January 4, 2005 Net/Transform/Sort Lines/Line Values added.
December 10, 2004 Checkbox Export options overwrite shapes file added to Export/Options.
December 7, 2004 Minor change when reading GEDCOM files as Ore graphs.
December 1, 2004 Problem with long description of vertices (time stamps) fixed.
November 27, 2004 Possibility to select colors from the list instead of typing names of colors added in Export/Options.
November 22, 2004 Pajek 1.02: Net/Transform/Multiple Relations/ Change Relation Number - Label added.
November 21, 2004 Net/Transform/Multiple Relations/ Relation Numbers->Line Values added.
November 20, 2004 Net/Transform/Multiple Relations/ Line Values->Relation Numbers added.
November 19, 2004 Reading GEDCOM files (Ore, pgraph, bipartite pgraph) changed to produce multiple relations network.
November 17, 2004 Computing biconnected components changed to produce additional result - partition of lines coded as multiple relations network.
November 16, 2004 Export/Kinemages/Multiple Relations Network added.
November 16, 2004 Color table for relation numbers (Options/Colors/Relation Colors) added.
November 15, 2004 Options/Colors/Edges/Relation Number and Options/Colors/Arcs/Relation Number added - possibility to color lines according to their relation number.
November 15, 2004 Edit/Network extended with relation number of each line and possibility to change it.
November 14, 2004 Reading and saving time events networks modified to support multiple relations. See sample TIM file.
November 14, 2004 Options/Lines/Draw Lines/Relations added (showing/hiding lines belonging to selected relations).
November 13, 2004 Net/Transform/Multiple Relations/Canonical Numbering added.
November 13, 2004 Nets/Union of Lines changed to produce multiple relations networks.
November 12, 2004 Info/Network/Multiple Relations added.
November 12, 2004 Reading and saving Ucinet DL files changed to produce multiple relations networks.
November 12, 2004 Exporting networks containing multiple relations to SVG added.
November 11, 2004 Net/Transform/Multiple Relations/Extract Relation(s) added (extracting one or all relations from multiple relations network).
November 10, 2004 Reading and saving networks containing multiple relations added. See: sample NET file (*Arcs/*Edges), sample NET file (*Arcslist/*Edgeslist), sample MAT file (*Matrix) with 10 relations.
October 1, 2004 Pajek 1.01: Net/Transform/Line Values/Add Constant and Vector/Transform/Add Constant added.
September 21, 2004 Minor bug in triangles count fixed.
September 21, 2004 Exporting SVG without background enabled (if Bckg. and Border Colors are set to 'No' in Export/Options).
September 8, 2004 Change in closeness and betweenness centrality algorithms (important for very large networks only).
September 1-7, 2004 Pajek presented at Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria.
September 5, 2004 Change in writing log files for fragment searching.
August 18-25, 2004 Pajek presented at Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, USA.
August 1, 2004 Additional sub-option in fragment searching added (Repeating vertices in fragment allowed).
July 25, 2004 Possibility to sort lines according to line values before exporting to EPS/SVG added to Export/Options (put lines with the highest values 'on the top' and made them in this way visible).
July 16, 2004 Additional sub-option in fragment searching added (Retain all vertices after extracting).
July 1, 2004 Pajek 1.00: Calling statistical package SPSS with Pajek networks, partitions, and vectors implemented (Tools/SPSS/Send to SPSS).
June 12, 2004 Minor changes in Editing Partition and Vector.
May 29, 2004 Additional option in fragment searching added (Same vertices determine one cluster at most).
May 21, 2004 Arrows added when exporting directed graphs to Mage.
May 19, 2004 Bug in fragment searching fixed.
May 17, 2004 Bug when optimizing layers fixed.
May 12, 2004 Workshop on Pajek at Sunbelt XXIV Social Networks Conference, Portorož, Slovenia.
April 21, 2004 Pajek 0.99: Info/Network/General and Partition/Canonical Partition speeded up.
April 19, 2004 Partition/Canonical Partition [Decreasing frequencies] added.
April 18, 2004 Possibility of storing network files without coordinates of vertices added to Options/ ReadWrite (important for large networks).
April 17, 2004 Algorithm for computing islands [line weights] improved.
April 14-16, 2004 Pajek presented at DSI 2004, Portorož, Slovenia.
April 10, 2004 Number of multiple lines added to Info/Network/General.
April 7, 2004 Pajek 0.98: Additional vector(s) storing 'constants' of each repetition generated when running Macro/Repeat Last Command (e.g. centralization indices, network densities, number of components, vector arithmetic means, standard deviations...)
April 1, 2004 Two vectors (empirical and expected counts) as additional result of triadic census added.
March 25, 2004 TMemo object replaced by TRichEdit in Report window.
March 20, 2004 When running Pajek commands Info* are stored in log files as well (possibility to include Infos in log/macro and repeating last command).
March 18, 2004 Possibility to execute commands on sequences of objects (e.g. networks) added (Macro/Repeat Last Command).
February 20, 2004 Some minor bugs fixed.
January 27, 2004 Pajek 0.97: Bow-Tie partition added.
January 26, 2004 Partition as additional result of degree reduction added.
January 25, 2004 Format for displaying spent time changed to hh:mm:ss form.
January 23, 2004 Algorithms for generalized cores added (Net/Vector/PCore).
January 21, 2004 Some controls in algorithms for computing Clustering Coefficients added.
January 19, 2004 Better algorithms for computing islands included.
January 15, 2004 Bug in macro execution fixed.
January 12, 2004 Several minor improvements done.
January 1, 2004 Pajek 0.96: Step when rotating layouts changed from integer to real number (to enable slower rotations).
December 15, 2003 Computing periodic strongly connected components implemented.
November 21-22, 2003 Workshop on Pajek at EHESS-INED, Paris, France.
October 23, 2003 Pajek 0.95: Problem with running Pajek in labs with write protected directories fixed.
September 21, 2003 Operations/Transform/Remove Lines/Inside Clusters with value/lower than Vector value added - Removing all lines inside clusters (determined by a Partition) with value lower/higher than the value specified in a Vector.
September 20, 2003 Partition/Count, Min/Max Vector added - info about cluster frequencies and minimum and maximum vector value according to given partition.
September 18, 2003 Net/Vector/Summing up Values of Lines, Net/Vector/Min of Values of Lines and Net/Vector/Max of Values of Lines added.
September 15-17, 2003 Application of Pajek presented at International Conference on Methodology and Statistics, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
September 10, 2003 Pajek 0.94: Another two approaches for finding cohesive clusters (islands) in large networks with values of vertices determined by vector implemented (Operations/Vector/Islands).
September 9, 2003 Minor change in CPM procedure.
August 29, 2003 Efficient approach for finding cohesive clusters (islands) in large valued networks implemented (Net/Partitions/Islands - Line weights).
August 26, 2003 Function savenetwork (storing R matrix in *Arcs format to be read by Pajek) generated when R is called.
August 25, 2003 Calling statistical package R with Pajek networks speeded up.
August 20, 2003 Pajek 0.93: Operations/Transform/Vector(s) -> Line Values added - replacing line values with result of selected operation of vector(s) values in the corresponding terminal and initial vertices.
July 26, 2003 Possibility to extract parts of the network without generating new network implemented (important for very large networks).
July 16, 2003 Distribution of distances and average path length among vertices in network implemented.
July 10, 2003 Pajek 0.92: Several minor bugs fixed.
May 15, 2003 Computing closeness centrality generalized to non strongly connected networks.
May 1, 2003 Net/Transform/Add/Line Labels as Line Values added.
April 15, 2003 Pajek 0.91: Transforming Permutation to Vector implemented.
April 13, 2003 Changes in All Degree partition (edges are counted only once).
March 13, 2003 Removing lines with values in specified interval implemented.
March 12, 2003 Maximum distance as input parameter when computing k-neighbours for selected cluster added.
March 8, 2003 Options/ReadWrite/Read vertices labels and Net/Transform/Add/Vertex Labels from File for manipulation of very large networks added.
March 2, 2003 Several minor changes/improvements made.
February 21, 2003 Functions: loadvector and loadmatrix (loading to R vectors and matrices produced by Pajek) generated when R is called.
February 12, 2003 Workshop on Pajek at Sunbelt XXIII Social Networks Conference, Cancun, Mexico.
February 9, 2003 When exporting networks to R labels of vertices are exported as well.
February 8, 2003 Pajek 0.90: Functions: savevector and savematrix (storing R objects to be read by Pajek) generated when R is called.
February 7, 2003 Calling statistical package R with Pajek networks added.
February 5, 2003 Pajek 0.89: Calling statistical package R with Pajek vectors implemented (Tools/Program R/Send to R).
January 27, 2003 Possibility to select external programs which can be called from Pajek added (see Tools). For running Pajek from other programs see How to run Pajek ...
January 23, 2003 Pajek 0.88: Options/Mark Vertices Using/Partition Clusters and Vector Values changed to radio items (possibility to combine with other types of marking vertices). See also corresponding exports to SVG/EPS.
December 22, 2002 Additional greyscale colors added to partition colors (see: Options/Colors/Partition Colors in Draw window).
December 12, 2002 Genetic structure of acyclic networks implemented.
December 7, 2002 Additional warnings when reading corrupted PC file formats included.
November 29, 2002 Pajek 0.87: Recoding line values moved from Info/Network/Line Values to Net/Transform/Line Values/Recode.
November 27, 2002 Possibility to draw lines in greyscale proportional to line values added (Options/Lines/GreyScale).
November 26, 2002 Option for transformation of line values (Net/Transform/Line Values) with several sub-options added.
November 25, 2002 Additional colors (Gray05, Gray10,...,Gray90, Gray95) defined. See: Crayola Colors
November 18, 2002 Some modifications and normalizations in algorithms for computing citation weights added.
November 15, 2002 Adding arcs from selected vertex to Cluster and vice versa implemented (useful for transformations of acyclic networks).
November 5, 2002 Bug when drawing using autosize of vertices fixed.
November 2, 2002 Pajek 0.86: Scale free random network generator added.
October 29, 2002 Generating directed random network with input and output degrees determined by selected two partitions implemented
(Partitions/Make Random Network).
October 27, 2002 Generating undirected random network with degrees determined by partition implemented
(Partition/Make Random Network/Undirected).
October 25, 2002 Travelling Salesman Problem algorithm (3-OPT) added.
October 20, 2002 Some minor bugs fixed.
October 15, 2002 Additional vector (INDI numbers) as result of reading GEDCOM files as Ore-graph added.
August 31, 2002 Pajek 0.85: SPNP method for citation networks added.
August 16, 2002 Citation weights algorithms speeded up and modified to handle large networks.
August 12, 2002 In Draw Window
Options/Mark Vertices Using/Selected Group
generalized to
Options/Mark Vertices Using/Cluster Only
(only vertices belonging to the current Cluster are labeled in the layout).
June 24-29, 2002 Application of Pajek presented at 17th MATH/CHEM/COMP Conference on the Interfaces among Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
June 14, 2002 Pajek 0.84: Murtagh's 'clumping' algorithm for generating permutations of 1-Mode and 2-Mode networks implemented.
June 15, 2002 Murtagh's 'seriation' algorithm for generating permutations of 1-Mode and 2-Mode networks implemented.
June 14, 2002 Generating random permutation of 2-Mode network implemented.
June 12, 2002 Minor bug in core procedure fixed.
May 28, 2002 Possibility to mark vertices using partition clusters added (in Draw window).
May 26, 2002 Controls to disable too large vertices and too thick lines and arrows when drawing vertices of different sizes and lines of different widths added.
May 23, 2002 Pajek 0.83: Adjusting vector to shrunken network according to given partition (Vector/Shrink Vector) added.
May 21, 2002 Shrunken partition as additional result of shrinking network according to partition added.
May 17, 2002 Removing arcs or edges between selected two clusters implemented.
May 3, 2002 Counting undirected, transitive, cyclic and other types of triangles to which each line belongs implemented.
April 10, 2002 Pajek 0.82: The highest possible number of vertices that Pajek can handle increased to 9.999.997.
Be careful: missing values are 9.999.998 and 9.999.999 now!
April 8, 2002 Fusion of two partitions added.
April 7, 2002 Algorithms for computing strongly, weakly and biconnected components speeded up significantly.
March 26, 2002 Some error checks in reading networks from input file added.
March 13, 2002 Pajek 0.81: Additional vectors (INDI, FAMS and FAMC numbers) as result of reading GEDCOM files as p-graph added.
March 10, 2002 Erdos-Renyi random graph generator speeded up and generalized to directed, acyclic, bipartite and 2-mode networks.
March 8, 2002 Problems with running Pajek from write protected disks (floppy, CD) fixed.
March 6, 2002 Pajek 0.80: Algorithm for computing cores speeded up significantly (algorithm contributed by Matjaž Zaveršnik).
January 14, 2002 Several minor bugs fixed.
December 26, 2001 Pajek 0.79: File/Network/Export Matrix to EPS/ Original and Using Permutation extended to 2-mode networks.
December 18, 2001 Pajek 0.78: Missing values (999998) excluded from Crosstabulations (Partitions/Info/Cramer's V, Rajski)
December 11, 2001 Info/Network/Line Values extended to enable generating new network with line values recoded according to selected grouping.
December 10, 2001 Multiplying incoming/outgoing arcs by corresponding vector values (Operations/Vector/Vector # Network) implemented.
December 9, 2001 Storing values of loops from network to vector (Net/Vector/Get Loops) and adding loops defined by vector to network (Operations/Vector/Put Loops) implemented.
November 30, 2001 Minor bug in SVG export fixed.
November 26, 2001 Pajek 0.77: Computing Clustering Coefficients included (Net/Vector/Clustering Coefficients).
November 12, 2001 Possibility to select the position of sublabel that is shown in network layouts (Options/Layout/Show SubLabel).
November 7, 2001 Possibility (in Draw window) to select border colors or use border colors of vertices defined on input file.
Example NET file with different colors of vertices, vertices borders and arcs.
November 4, 2001 Pajek 0.76: Possibility to draw lines having widths proportional to line values added (Options/Lines/Different Widths).
November 3, 2001 Bug in hierarchical clustering fixed.
November 2, 2001 Horizontal ScrollBar added in Edit/Network window.
October 17, 2001 Possibility to run Pajek by clicking *.NET or *.PAJ files extended.
October 14, 2001 Submenu structure of Info in Draw window simplified.
October 9, 2001 Pajek 0.75: Several minor bugs fixed.
September 5, 2001 Pajek 0.74: Computing the shortest path length matrix and the geodesics count matrix (for small networks only!) included.
September 4, 2001 Additional documentation for EPS, SVG and VRML export options (see EpsDef.htm).
September 3, 2001 Possibility to export vertices labels (EPS and SVG) concentrically added in Export/Options (Label Angle must be >= 360).
September 1, 2001 Possibility to show all vertices in selected node and its subtree of hierarchy in Edit/Hierarchy added.
August 27, 2001 Putting vector as polar radius or polar angle of vertices in network layout added.
August 26, 2001 Problem with non refreshing background color of Draw window and some minor bugs in Draw window fixed.
August 25, 2001 Possibility to get values [from rank ... to rank] in Info/Network, Partition and Vector added.
August 24, 2001 Possibility to use autosize of vertices added in Draw window.
August 23, 2001 Rajski coefficient (measure of functional dependency of two partitions) added.
August 22, 2001 Erdos-Renyi random graph generator added.
August 21, 2001 Computing diffusion partition according to thresholds given in vector added.
August 20, 2001 Corrected Euclidean-like and Manhattan-like dissimilarities added.
August 18, 2001 Permutation as additional result of hierarchical clustering procedure and possibility of changing parameters when drawing dendrograms added.
August 17, 2001 Expected triad counts and chi-square test added to triadic census algorithm.
August 15, 2001 Some changes in Info/Vector.
August 14, 2001 Pajek 0.73: Displaying network in matrix form added.
August 8, 2001 Hierarchical clustering (for small networks only!) included.
August 5, 2001 Creating complete cluster of selected dimension added.
July 25, 2001 Generalized blockmodeling (for small networks only!) included.
July 20, 2001 Additional option for reading genealogy as Ore graph added (different arcs for descent through a male or a female).
July 19, 2001 Main path(s) as result added to citation weights procedures.
June 25-30, 2001 Application of Pajek presented at 16th MATH/CHEM/COMP Conference on the Interfaces among Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
June 20, 2001 Pajek 0.72: Number of times that each vertex belongs to a fragment as additional result of fragments searching added.
June 15, 2001 Converting network to directed network where all arcs are pointing from lower to higher class number (or vice versa) according to partition implemented.
June 1, 2001 Pajek 0.71: Counting brokerage roles in network according to partition added.
May 28, 2001 Removing lines between clusters implemented.
May 16, 2001 Structural Holes (Burt's measure of constraint) algorithm added.
April 25-28, 2001 Pajek presented at Sunbelt XXI Conference on Social Networks, Budapest, Hungary.
April 18-21, 2001 Pajek presented at DSI 2001, Portorož, Slovenia.
April 10, 2001 Pajek 0.70: Frequency distribution of vector values in Info/Vector added.
April 8, 2001 Transforming vector into partition using selected thresholds generalized (number of classes can be given).
April 6, 2001 Some minor bugs fixed.
April 4, 2001 Number of Lines as an option for removing multiple lines added.
March 21, 2001 Pajek 0.69: Export/SVG/Current and all Subsequent - exporting series of networks / partitions / vectors to SVG added.
March 19, 2001 Export/Kinemages/Current and all Subsequent generalized to take selection of Options/ Previous/Next/ Apply to in Draw window into account.
March 14, 2001 Pajek 0.68: Info/Network/Line Values added: frequency distribution of line values.
March 11, 2001 Small modifications in shrinking procedures.
March 6, 2001 Small modifications in exporting to SVG according to line values.
March 1, 2001 Pajek 0.67: Possibility to select partition colors (see Options/Colors/Partition Colors in Draw window).
February 27, 2001 Autosaving position and some modifications of Options window implemented.
February 26, 2001 Possibility to move class 0 with mouse in Draw window added.
February 25, 2001 Minor bug when expanding partition fixed.
February 24, 2001 Some minor bugs when reading input files fixed.
February 14, 2001 Pajek 0.66: Possibility to include 3D effects on vertices added (see Export/Options in Draw window).
February 12, 2001 Some additional controls when reading input files added.
February 10, 2001 Subnetwork containing fragments as additional result of fragments searching added.
February 7, 2001 Pajek 0.65: Kamada-Kawai algorithm speeded-up significantly.
February 5, 2001 Some normalisations of 1-Mode networks obtained from 2-Mode networks added.
February 2, 2001 Minor bug when computing additional results of bicomponents fixed.
January 27, 2001 Valued network as a result of dissimilarities procedure added.
January 24, 2001 Pajek 0.64: Changes in algorithm for Spearman and Pearson correlation (excluding values 999998 or higher from computation).
January 23, 2001 Computing size of influence domain implemented.
January 17, 2001 Minor bug in EPS/SVG export fixed.
January 13, 2001 Linear and radial gradients (continuously smooth color transitions from one color to another) added to SVG exports (see Export/Options in Draw window).
January 12, 2001 Additional exports to SVG according to line values added.
January 6, 2001 A minor improvement in maximum flow algorithm added.
January 1, 2001 Pajek 0.63: When labels of vertices are not specified (e. g. generating random networks) labels of vertices are composed from letter v and its vertex number (e. g. v23).
December 30, 2000 A minor bug in Kamada-Kawai layout algorithm fixed.
December 29, 2000 Inserting sub-partition (which was previously extracted and then modified) back to the original partition implemented.
December 27, 2000 Pajek 0.62: Additional transformations of a vector (logarithm, exponential and power) implemented.
December 25, 2000 Transforming vector to partition by selecting first threshold and step implemented.
December 24, 2000 Transforming two vectors containing polar coordinates (radius and angle in degrees) to vectors containing cartesian coordinates (x and y) and vice versa implemented.
December 22, 2000 Fitting two vectors using linear regression implemented.
December 19, 2000 Moving vertices on the circle with radius defined by the distance from the center implemented (Move/Fix/Radius).
December 13, 2000 Saving currently loaded objects as a Pajek project file implemented.
December 11, 2000 Reading Pajek project files (files containing all possible Pajek objects - networks, partitions, permutations, clusters, hierarchies and vectors) implemented.
Example project file - test.paj
December 7, 2000 Minor changes when editing network.
December 6, 2000 Pajek 0.61: Changes when reporting results in text form to Report window - new lines are appended.
December 4, 2000 Determining k-neighbours of all vertices in cluster added.
December 3, 2000 Computing maximum flow among vertices in cluster added.
December 1, 2000 Options for generating circular layouts in Draw window added.
November 30, 2000 Transforming bidirected arcs to edges generalized.
November 29, 2000 Generating bipartite pgraphs implemented.
November 27, 2000 Intersection of two partitions added.
November 26, 2000 Adding sibling edges included (edges among vertices with common ancestor/descendant).
November 22, 2000 Pajek 0.60: Standard deviation included to Info/Vector.
November 15, 2000 In default shapes.cfg file x_fact changed from 3 to 1 (circles and squares instead of ellipses and rectangles when exporting to EPS and SVG).
November 11, 2000 Computing Cramer's V coefficient between two partitions implemented.
November 10, 2000 Small change in transforming hierarchy to network: nodes in hierarchy (classes) get sign + before their labels.
November 7, 2000 When drawing using vector values: size (instead of diameter) of the vertex represents vector value.
November 3, 2000 Export to SVG using partitions generalized - possibility of using two partitions selected by Partitions menu - first for classes, second for colors.
November 2, 2000 Additional option for exporting to SVG using partition: lines among classes are drawn as semi-lines.
October 28, 2000 Exports to EPS, SVG, VRML and mage extended to enable marking vertices using vector values.
October 25, 2000 Pajek 0.59: Instead of searching All Paths between two vertices searching for Walks with Limited Length implemented.
October 21, 2000 Possibility of marking vertices using vector values added (see: Options/ MarkVerticesUsing/ VectorValues and Option/ Layout/ DecimalPlaces in Draw window).
October 19, 2000 Info/Partition modified and extended - relative frequencies and cumulatives added.
October 16, 2000 New option in transforming 2-mode to 1-mode networks: generating multiple lines with labels equal to vertices that served to induce them.
October 15, 2000 Computing Spearman rank correlation coefficient between two partitions implemented.
October 14, 2000 Computing Pearson correlation coefficient between two vectors implemented.
October 13, 2000 Vertices belonging to exactly one bicomponent as additional result of computing biconnected components added.
October 12, 2000 When generating any random network vertices are positioned equidistantly on the circle now.
September 28, 2000 Pajek 0.58: Network centralization indices (degree, closeness, betweenness) added.
September 12, 2000 Betweenness centrality algorithm implemented.
September 8, 2000 Closeness centrality algorithm implemented.
September 6, 2000 Pajek 0.57: Exports to SVG format using partition implemented.
August 20, 2000 Export to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format implemented.
You need SVG viewer to watch it using Web browser. A free copy of the plugin for Netscape/Explorer can be downloaded from
The picture in SVG can be further edited using Jasc Trajectory Pro
August 11, 2000 Extended model for generating random networks implemented. See: R. Albert and A.-L. Barabasi: Topology of evolving networks: local events and universality.
August 5, 2000 Options for showing/hiding vertices of size 0 and lines attached to such vertices added.
August 2, 2000 Generating random network with specified number of arcs implemented.
July 12, 2000 Modifications of export to EPS procedure - size of vertices set in draw window (Options/Size/of Vertices) is taking into account when producing EPS picture.
July 11, 2000 Manual moving of vertices in Draw window improved to take different shapes of vertices into account.
July 5, 2000 Pajek 0.56: Algorithm for finding important vertices in 2-mode network implemented.
July 3, 2000 Algorithm for finding hubs and authorities in directed network implemented (contributed by Matjaž Zaveršnik).
June 27, 2000 Options/Mark Vertices using/Real sizes in Draw window generalized.
June 19-24, 2000 Application of Pajek presented at 15th MATH/CHEM/COMP Conference on the Interfaces among Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences, Dubrovnik, Croatia
May 25, 2000 Loading and saving Pajek ini files added (Options/Ini File). Using ini file(s) the same default parameters can be restored later.
May 10, 2000 Pajek 0.55: Options/Previous/Next and Generate in Time modified to take vectors into account.
May 5, 2000 Exports to EPS, Mage and VRML modified to include sizes of vertices determined by selected vector.
April 30, 2000 Draw-Vector and Draw-Partition-Vector added: sizes of vertices are determined by selected vector.
April 27-29, 2000 Pajek presented at 17th Leoben-Ljubljana Seminar on Discrete Mathematics, Leoben, Austria
April 23, 2000 Options/Layout/Arrows in the Middle for drawing arrows in the middle of lines added.
April 22, 2000 Deleting multiple lines generalized.
April 19-22, 2000 Pajek presented at DSI 2000, Portorož, Slovenia.
April 13-16, 2000 Pajek presented at Sunbelt XX Conference on Social Networks, Vancouver, Canada.
April 11, 2000 Events AP, DP and EP added to the list of time events.
April 10, 2000 Event PE (Pair of arcs to Edge) added to the list of time events.
April 8, 2000 Articulation points as additional result of computing biconnected components added.
April 1, 2000 Saving time network in time events format implemented (File/Time Events Network/Save).
March 15, 2000 Pajek 0.54: Reading time network in time events format implemented (File/Time Events Network/Read).
March 1, 2000 Expanding given partial partition (some class numbers are 0) as 'influence' to the rest of the vertices added.
February 22, 2000 Possibility to save several vectors (determined by cluster) on the same file added.
February 20, 2000 Counting vertices of selected color in the neighbourhood implemented.
February 12, 2000 Changes in searching labeled fragments - labels are classes (colors) in partition now.
February 3, 2000 Pajek 0.53: Number of loops and density of lines in network added to Info/Network/General.
January 28, 2000 Option Previous/Next generalized - possibility to show several networks using the same partition, several partitions on the same network or change network and partition at the same time.
January 27, 2000 Exporting matrix to EPS using permutation modified to enable dividing classes defined by partition using blue lines.
January 26, 2000 Pajek 0.52: Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
January 23, 2000 Exporting layout to Windows bitmap format (bmp) implemented.
January 20, 2000 Relocation algorithm for partitioning signed graphs generalized to report all optimal solutions found.
January 15, 2000 Startup logfile (Pajek.log) introduced. This logfile is automatically executed every time when Pajek is run.
January 12, 2000 Exporting matrices to EPS extended to enable marking cells with negative values (red).
January 6, 2000 Relocation algorithm for partitioning signed graphs included. For more information see: Doreian P., Mrvar A. (1996): A Partitioning Approach to Structural Balance. Social Networks (18). 149-168.
December 28, 1999 Pajek 0.51: CPM procedure modified - implementation without adding source and sink.
December 21, 1999 Changes in implementation of Citation weights procedure.
December 9, 1999 Number of lines having value 1 added in Info/Network/General.
December 6, 1999 Problems with non-visibility of labels in EPS default window fixed.
December 3, 1999 Additional result (free delay times of activities) added in CPM procedure.
November 30, 1999 Possibility of marking lines with their values added.
November 24, 1999 Pajek 0.50: Additional vectors as result of reading GEDCOM files added.
November 4, 1999 Sorting lines around vertices implemented.
October 13, 1999 Pajek presented at conference: Information Society 1999, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
October 8-10, 1999 Pajek presented at Fourth Meeting of Austrian, Slovenian, Italian and Hungarian Young Statisticians, Pecs, Hungary.
October 6, 1999 Pajek 0.49: Some minor bugs fixed.
October 2, 1999 Counter of layouts when drawing sequence of layouts added.
September 30, 1999 Additional measure of dissimilarities among selected vertices added.
September 27, 1999 Selection of border colors in EPS matrix added (only black, or black and white).
September 25, 1999 Exporting matrix to EPS using partition generalized: besides structural also delta densities are added (which are more suitable for sparse networks)
September 20-22, 1999 Pajek presented at International Conference on Methodology and Statistics, Preddvor, Slovenia.
September 15 - 19, 1999 Application of Pajek presented at Graph Drawing 1999 Conference, Prague, Czeck Republic.
September 9, 1999 Subdividing lines using middle mouse button in Edit-Network implemented.
September 8, 1999 Pajek 0.48: Removing lines with value lower/higher than specified value implemented.
September 3, 1999 Transforming 2-mode (affiliation) network to ordinary 1-mode network implemented.
August 30, 1999 Reading and saving 2-mode (affiliation) networks added. The input/output file can be in Pajek or Ucinet format (e.g. Davis.dat from Ucinet dataset).
August 27, 1999 Pajek 0.47: No explicit tests have been done on version 0.47 of Pajek to see if it is Year 2000 compliant, but to the best of our belief no problems will arise. Pajek does not offer date-manipulation features to the user in any form. Dates in output files are displayed in Delphi's LongDateFormat (e. g. 08-27-2001).
August 26, 1999 Minor changes in triadic census algorithm to speed it up and standard coding of triads added.
August 23, 1999 Exporting matrix to EPS using partition implemented: Density of lines among classes and vertices in selected two classes are shown using shadowing.
August 14, 1999 Reading Ucinet DL files changed. If the file contains several matrices, all of them use the same description of vertices (like coordinates) - useful when displaying sequence of networks.
August 12, 1999 Generating network in specified time(s): Option for generating new network only if at least one vertex or line changed in the period.
August 10, 1999 Possibility to include each vertex to its own neighbourhood when computing dissimilarity matrices added. Dissimilarity d1 normalized using maxdegrees.
August 6, 1999 Possibility to display and optimize sequence of networks implemented. Menu: Options/Previous/Next for changing parameters when drawing sequence of (previous/next) networks added in Draw window.
August 5, 1999 Exporting colors of vertices and lines defined on input (NET file) to Mage and VRML added.
August 1, 1999 Possibility to use colors of vertices and lines defined on input (NET file) in draw window added (Options/Colors/Vertices, Edges or Arcs). List of all possible colors (Acrobat file).
Example NET file with different colors of vertices and arcs.
July 31, 1999 Number of different colors when using Draw/Partition increased to 32. See: Class numbers and colors (Acrobat file).
July 28, 1999 Export to Mage generalized - exporting consequent networks (and partitions).
July 26, 1999 Minor changes in viewing partition, permutation, cluster and vector (vertex labels from network attached).
July 25, 1999 Generating network in specified time(s) implemented (Net/Transform/Generate in Time).
July 23, 1999 Displaying Next/Previous network in memory implemented (in Draw window).
July 21, 1999 Pajek 0.46: Editing cluster implemented.
July 21, 1999 Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
July 15, 1999 Creating empty cluster implemented.
July 11, 1999 Exporting network as matrix in EPS using permutation implemented.
July 8, 1999 Editing permutation implemented.
July 5, 1999 Different measures of dissimilarities among selected vertices determined using cluster according to common neighbours added.
June 28 - July 2, 1999 Application of Pajek presented at 4th Slovenian International Conference in Graph Theory, Bled, Slovenia
June 27, 1999 Median and standard deviation included to Info/Partition.
June 21-26, 1999 Application of Pajek presented at 14th MATH/CHEM/COMP Conference on the Interfaces among Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences, Dubrovnik, Croatia
June 2, 1999 Pajek 0.45: Possibility of selecting noncontiguous ranges in partition implemented (Cluster/Binarize Partition).
May 25, 1999 Pajek 0.44: Extended Info/Partition.
May 14, 1999 Faster algorithms for weak and strong components implemented.
May 12, 1999 Pajek 0.43: Upper number of vertices increased to 999997.
May 11, 1999 Pajek presented at Seminar for Discrete Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
May 4, 1999 Pajek 0.42: Valued core partition implemented.
April 28, 1999 Generating identity vector of selected dimension added.
April 21-24, 1999 Pajek presented at DSI'99, Portorož, Slovenia.
March 10, 1999 Pajek 0.41: Triadic Census (counting triads) implemented.
March 5, 1999 Autosaving position and size of Info window implemented.
February 18-21, 1999 Pajek presented at Sunbelt XIX Conference on Social Networks, Charleston, USA.
February 8, 1999 Pajek 0.40: Modified exports to VRML, Kinemages and MDLMolfile according to visibility / nonvisibility of edges and arcs.
February 2, 1999 Modified Centers procedure (result of the procedure is vector now).
January 12, 1999 Some minor bugs fixed.
January 2, 1999 Pajek 0.39: Harmonic function (defined on vector, network, partition and permutation) implemented.
January 1, 1999 Multiplication of matrix (network) by vector implemented.
December 23, 1998 Several minor bugs fixed.
December 15, 1998 Pajek 0.38: Export to Kinemages generalized - possibility of using two partitions selected by Partitions menu - first for generations, second for colors.
December 1, 1998 Pajek 0.37: Move/Grasp added when drawing using partition - determine which additional vertices are moving when clicking with left mouse button close to vertex in given class (only selected, selected and higher, selected and lower).
November 18, 1998 Some bugs in shrinking procedure fixed.
October 21, 1998 Pajek 0.36: Possibility to have more than one vector in input file added.
October 18, 1998 Editing vector implemented.
October 15, 1998 Some smaller bugs fixed.
October 13, 1998 Pajek 0.35: Retrieving coordinates of network to vector implemented. Putting vector as coordinates of network implemented.
October 9-11, 1998 Pajek presented at Austrian, Hungarian, and Slovenian Joint Meeting of Young Statisticians, Piran, Slovenia.
October 8, 1998 Truncating vector and transforming vector to partition by truncating implemented.
October 7, 1998 Pajek 0.34: Binary operations on vectors (sum, difference, product, division, min, max) implemented and additional operations according to neighbours added.
October 6, 1998 Reordering vector and specifying results when dividing by 0 in Options/Read/Write added.
October 5, 1998 Making vector from partition and vector transformations (multiplying by a constant, absolute, sqrt, normalizations) implemented.
October 4, 1998 Mirroring permutation and making partition into selected number of clusters from given permutation implemented.
October 3, 1998 Another option of exporting to Kinemages added - kinamages with labels.
October 1, 1998 Leader partition - partitioning vertices of acycling network inside layers implemented.
September 27, 1998 Procedure making partition from vector generalized.
September 25, 1998 Making permutation from vector implemented.
September 24, 1998 Random partition into given number of clusters implemented.
September 23, 1998 Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
September 21, 1998 Pajek 0.33: Modified CPM and Citation weights procedures (results of the procedures are vectors now).
September 19, 1998 Relinking index of genealogy added to Info/Indices.
September 17, 1998 Export to Kinemages format improved to support animation.
September 15, 1998 Exporting network as matrix in EPS implemented (File/Network/Export Matrix to EPS). If valued network is exported shadowing is used.
September 14, 1998 Averaging class numbers of neighbours and information about vector implemented.
September 13, 1998 Extracting subvector according to partition and making partition from vector implemented.
September 12, 1998 Vector (*.vec) as a new object in Pajek added. Input format is similar to partitions, only that values can be real numbers (not only positive integers).
September 10-11, 1998 Pajek presented at Graph Drawing Workshop, Passau, Germany.
September 7-9, 1998 Pajek presented at International Conference on Methodology and Statistics, Preddvor, Slovenia.
September 4, 1998 Removing all lines inside the cluster implemented.
September 2, 1998 Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
August 31, 1998 Pajek 0.32: Making partition from hierarchy and expanding partition according to another partition implemented.
August 30, 1998 Modification of making network from hierarchy and extracting cluster from hierarchy done.
August 28, 1998 Symmetric-Acyclic decomposition of network implemented.
August 24, 1998 Pajek 0.31: Computing aesthetic properties of a given layout implemented (number of crossings, closest vertices,...)
August 20, 1998 Modified shrink procedure, possibility of drawing/hiding lines of network, and possibility of selecting maximum number of vertices in network that will still be drawn implemented.
August 10, 1998 Export to Kinemages format implemented. You need Mage viewer to watch it. A free copy of the Mage software can be downloaded from Download Mage)
July 27-31, 1998 Pajek presented at Dagstuhl Seminar, Germany - Graph Algorithms and Applications.
July 22, 1998 Reflection around y axis added.
July 21, 1998 Test if network is acyclic added to genealogy depth partition.
June 22-27, 1998 Pajek presented at 13th MATH/CHEM/COMP Conference on the Interfaces among Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences, Dubrovnik, Croatia
May 31, 1998 Pajek presented at Sunbelt XVIII and 5th European Conference on Social Networks, Sitges, Spain.
May 27, 1998 Workshop on Pajek at Sunbelt XVIII and 5th European Conference on Social Networks, Sitges, Spain.
May 24, 1998 Pajek 0.30: Some bugs fixed and new macros added.
May 11, 1998 Pajek 0.29: Possibility of marking lines added.
May 7, 1998 Pajek presented at DSI'98, Portorož, Slovenia.
April 29, 1998 Hierarchy as additional result of searching fragments added.
April 15, 1998 Pajek 0.28: Export to MDL MOLfile implemented. This kind of files can be examined using Netscape plugin Chime (Chemscape Chime).
April 13, 1998 Reading MDL MOLfiles (*.mol) implemented (often used in molecular graphics).
April 12, 1998 Generating random network having fixed input or output degrees of vertices implemented.
April 8, 1998 Pajek 0.27: Export to VRML improved to fit better in CosmoPlayer.
March 28, 1998 Pajek 0.26: Drawing vertices using real sizes of vertices implemented.
March 27, 1998 Storing additional settings (Colors and Sizes) in Draw window implemented.
March 25, 1998 Pajek 0.25: Improved version of optimisation 2D layers implemented.
March 17, 1998 Pajek 0.24: Extracting selected class(es) to GEDCOM file implemented.
March 4, 1998 Pajek 0.23: Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
March 3, 1998 Generalised and faster version of biconnected components implemented.
February 26, 1998 Improved version of genealogy depth partition implemented.
February 19, 1998 New option (forget values of lines) in CPM algorithm added.
February 12, 1998 Pajek presented at Enajsto posvetovanje sekcije za raziskovanje informacijskih sistemov, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
January 27, 1998 Box and Diamond as additional default shapes in DRAW/Export/Options included.
January 21, 1998 Additional default EPS options in DRAW/Export/Options included (Colors must begin with capital letter!).
January 18, 1998 Converting all arcs in both directions to edges implemented.
January 17, 1998 Modification of reading/saving windows done.
January 16, 1998 Determining coordinates of vertices in original network according to coordinates of vertices in shrunk network implemented.
January 12, 1998 Possibility of displaying selected labels determined by the partition using Options/Mark vertices using/Selected Class implemented
January 10, 1998 Pajek signature on EPS files added, triangle and double edge shapes implemented.
January 7, 1998 New algorithms for 2D an 3D drawing by layers added.
January, 4, 1998 Autosaving working directories added.
December 27, 1997 Generalisation of searching fragments implemented.
December 16, 1997 Pgraph (D. R. White) genealogy format and drawing dotted lines (p Dots) implemented.
December 14, 1997 Info of hierarchy implemented.
December 10, 1997 UCINET (DL) input and output format added.
December 5, 1997 Minimization of total length of lines in drawing by layers implemented (relocation algorithm).
November 30, 1997 Genealogy depth partition implemented.
November 28, 1997 Possibility of typing only the beginning of vertex labels (some first characters) and then selecting from the list of hits implemented (when searching k-neighbours or paths, editing network).
November 26, 1997 Pajek 0.15: Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia
November 25, 1997 Drawing in layers in z direction implemented.
November 23, 1997 Draw/Option/ScrollBar implemented (Moving across the picture of network when one part of the picture is selected. Spinning picture when whole picture is selected - like pressing keys X,Y,Z,S or x,y,z,s [opposite direction]).
November 22, 1997 Depth and breadth first numbering (permutation) implemented.
November 20, 1997 Addition of partitions implemented.
November 17, 1997 Pajek 0.14: Macro execution implemented.
November 12, 1997 Operations on two partitions and reordering of partition implemented.
November 1, 1997 Editing partition implemented.
October 31, 1997 Exporting to EPS/PS using WYSIWYG option implemented (What You See Is What You Get - exported EPS picture is similar to picture in Draw window)
October 30, 1997 Single right mouse click on selected vertex in Draw window brings you to Edit window, where you can edit lines that belong to selected vertex: delete line [double left mouse click on selected line], add line [double left mouse click on Newline] or change value of selected line [single right mouse click].
October 27, 1997 Additional results in shortest paths and maximum flow algorithms implemented.
October 25, 1997 Removing all arcs/edges implemented.
October 18, 1997 Reading GEDCOM (genealogy) format and shapes partition implemented.
October 18, 1997 Pajek presented at Second Austrian Slovene Joint Statistics Meeting of Young Statisticians, Pliberk (Bleiburg), Austria.
October 16, 1997 Autosaving position and size of Main and Draw window implemented.
September 15-17, 1997 Pajek presented at International Conference od Applied Statistics, Preddvor, Slovenia.
September 5, 1997 Refinement of partition according to network (reachability) and transforming partition to its canonical form implemented
August 30, 1997 Values of lines considered as similarities/dissimilarities when computing eigenvectors (or consider all values as 1)
August 22, 1997 Possibility to input constraints for feasible positions when moving vertices by hand in Draw window implemented.
August 17, 1997 Conversion of hierarchy into network implemented
August 15, 1997 Simple version of execution of Petri net implemented
July 28, 1997 Searching diameter (longest shortest path) of network included
July 19, 1997 Modification of Fruchterman-Reingold algorithm
July 9, 1997 Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia
July 8, 1997 Additional statistics of partitions (Info/Partition) implemented
July 5, 1997 Obtaining layout(s) using eigenvalues/eigenvectors (Lanczos algorithm) implemented (first implementation done by Bor Plestenjak)
June 23-28, 1997 Pajek presented at 12th MATH/CHEM/COMP Conference on the Interfaces among Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences, Dubrovnik, Croatia
June 15, 1997 Reduction of flow graphs, searching fragments (in moleculae or graphs)
June 7, 1997 Ball and stick input and output format and MacMol output format added (often used in molecular graphics)
June 1, 1997 Storing in matrix form, generalized binary operations and multiple zoom implemented
May 14, 1997 Fisheye transformation and binary operations on networks implemented
May 7, 1997 Procedure identify added - reorder and/or fuse vertices from partition
April 30, 1997 Fruchterman-Reingold algorithm for automatic layout generation in space implemented
April 24-25, 1997 Pajek presented at 15th Leoben-Ljubljana Seminar on Combinatorics, Leoben, Austria
April 23, 1997 Spin in space, export to VRML
April 20, 1997 Modification of EPS format (importing pictures to Word for Windows)
April 16, 1997 Pajek 0.3: Centers, Spin in plane
April 10, 1997 Pajek presented at DSI'97, Portorož, Slovenia
April 2, 1997 Pajek 0.2: Export to EPS/PS implemented
March 19, 1997     Line values used in Energy drawing algorithm
February 13-16, 1997 Pajek presented at XVII Sunbelt Conference in San Diego, USA.
January 29, 1997 Pajek presented at Sredin Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia
January 15, 1997 Pajek 0.1: Visual presentation and Energy drawing (Kamada-Kawai) added
December 22, 1996 First version of program - implementation of basic algorithms
November 15, 1996 First ideas about large network analysis program

Pajek Manual (pdf)