Pajek screens

by Vladimir Batagelj and Andrej Mrvar
  1. Pajek main and report windows. Picture
  2. Main core subgraph extracted from routing data on the Internet network (124651 vertices, 207214 arcs). Picture
  3. p-graph of the largest component in the genealogy of American presidents with shortest path between G.H.W. Bush and F.D. Roosevelt. Picture
  4. Reordered matrix representation (using Richard's numbering) of 3-neighbourhood of the word write. Picture
  5. Snapshot of SVG picture (in Web browser) of football players export. Picture
  6. 3d layout of 5-regular graph G(3,53) obtained using eigenvectors. Colors of vertices represent distances from the 'Cyan' vertex. Picture
  7. Snapshot of VRML display of GD97/A Competition graph. Picture