GD2001: Graph Drawing Contest

Organized by Franz J. Brandenburg


The graph drawing competition and the nomination of the winners has been among the highlights of the past graph drawing symposia. It's both fun and a challenge and has inspired new research in graph drawing.

The eigth annual graph-drawing contest will be held in conjunction with Graph Drawing 2001.

Graph_A is a graph drawing self-reference graph. There is a node for every paper in the proceedings of GD94 to GD2000, and an arc, if a paper refers to another GD paper.
(Please, check the graph for correctness and report errors to
Graph_B is a finite state diagram from an industrial application. It is a small graph with 18 nodes and 37 arcs. Two nodes have self-loops and some nodes have by-parallel arcs in each direction. The nodes and arcs are labelled.
Graph_C displays pathways of the brain, layered by stages of visual processing.
Graph_D is a free category of graph-drawing art

Winning entries for each graph will be chosen by a jury of experts. Drawings may be submitted electronically or by mail. All submissions must be received before midnight, September 16, 2001. (Note: This is a hard deadline.) A prize fund of $750 is anticipated. As usual, the winning entries will be described in the GD symposium proceedings.

How to Enter the Competition

Graphs A, B, and C and incidental background information are available via the above links.

Unless contradicted by the specific instructions for each graph, you are free to use any visual or textual mechanism to communicate the graph data.

The primary judging criterion will be how well the drawings or interaction convey this data. A secondary criterion will be the degree to which manual editing was required to produce them: the less manual intervention, the better.

You can submit entries of any or all of these graphs before midnight, September 16, 2001. Drawings can be submitted electronically in Postscript or PDF format to

If your drawing requires special printing because of size, resolution, or color constraints, you are encouraged to submit hard copy.

Hardcopies shall be mailed to the following address:

Prof. Franz J. Brandenburg
University of Passau
94030 Passau, Germany

Regardless of how you submit your entry, each submission must include the following information:

Questions or comments should be directed to Franz Brandenburg (


I'm looking forward to nice drawings

Franz J. Brandenburg

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