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Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek
Wouter de Nooy, Andrej Mrvar, Vladimir Batagelj

Flying teams.

Dataset   Flying_teams

Description 48 vertices (cadet pilots), 353 valued arcs (1 - qualifies as a flying partner, -1 - does not qualify as a flying partner), no edges, no loops.
Flying_teams.clu: the (48) cadets' original eight (alphabetical) instruction groups (classes 1 thru 8).
Flying_teams.paj: Pajek project file with the two files listed above.


complete dataset (ZIP, 1.8K)


In 1943, Leslie D. Zeleny administered a sociometric test to 48 cadet pilots at an US Army Air Forces flying school. Cadets were trained to fly a two- seated aircraft, taking turns in flying and aerial observing. Cadets were assigned to instruction groups ranging in size from 5 to 7 at random, so they had little or no control over who their flying partners would be. The sociometric test was used to improve the composition of instruction groups. Zeleny asked each cadet to name the members of his flight group with whom he would like to fly as well as those with whom he would not like to fly.


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  1. Original author: Leslie D. (Day) Zeleny (?1898, President of the Midwest Sociological Society 1939-40, (then) at Iowa State University).
  2. Data coded into Pajek data files by W. de Nooy, 2001.

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