Pajek datasets
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Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek
Wouter de Nooy, Andrej Mrvar, Vladimir Batagelj

PhD students in computer science.

Dataset   CS_PhD

Description 1,025 vertices (computer scientists), 1,043 arcs (pointing from the advisor to the PhD candidate), no edges, no loops. The network is acyclic.
PhD_year.clu: a partition of the scientists according to the (known or estimated) year in which they obtained their PhD (1,025 vertices).
PhD.paj: Pajek project file containing the network and the partition.


complete dataset (ZIP, 20K)


The network contains the ties between Ph.D. students and their advisors in theoretical computer science; each arc points from an advisor to a student. The partition contains the (estimated) year in which the Ph.D. was obtained.


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  1. Original author: David Johnson; maintained by Ian Parberry. The SIGACT Theoretical Computer Science Genealogy, Last Updated July 22, 1996.
  2. Data compiled into Pajek data files by A. Mrvar, 1997.

2. January 2004   Pajek datasets / Exploratory SNA