Pajek datasets
from the book

Social Network Analysis: Methods and Applications
Wasserman and Faust, 1994

Wasserman and Faust datasets

Dataset   WaFa

There are five network examples: Krackhardt's high-tech managers, Padgett's Florentine families, Freeman's EIES network, Countries trade network, and Galaskiewicz's CEOs and clubs network.


HighTech.paj - multirelational network with 21 vertices and 190+102+20 arcs
Padgett.paj - multirelational network with 16 vertices and 30+40 arcs
EIES.paj - multirelational network with 48/32 vertices and 695+830/460 arcs
Trade.paj - multirelational network with 24 vertices and 307+307+310+135+369 arcs - two-mode network with 41 vertices and 98 edges.


all datasets (ZIP, 10K)


Complete descriptions of these data, including references for the original sources of the data, can be found in Chapter 2 (pages 59- 66) and Appendix B (pages 738-755) of Wasserman and Faust.

The original data in ASCII, UCINET and KrackPlot formats are available at INSNA.


  1. INSNA page.
  2. Transformed in Pajek format by V. Batagelj, 15. January 2005.


HighTech.paj - Krackhardt's High-tech managers
Padgett.paj - Padgett's Florentine Families
EIES.paj - Freeman's EIES network
Trade.paj - Countries trade data - Galaskiewicz's CEOs and clubs.


  1. Stanley Wasserman, Katherine Faust: Social Network Analysis: Methods and Applications. CUP, 1994.

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15. January 2005