The theme for Contest A is incremental/dynamic graph drawing. The data for this contest consist of addition and deletion operations that specify how the graph changes over time. Your task is to depict the content and structure of the graph as it evolves. The contest data are derived from updates to the linking structure of real WWW pages.

Data Format

The syntax for adding a directed edge is "add node1 -> node2." The syntax for deleting a directed edge is "delete node1 -> node2." A node is implicitly added when it is mentioned in an edge addition and is not already part of the graph. A node is implicitly deleted when all incoming and outgoing edges have been deleted.


One way to show a changing graph drawing is to make a movie of the incremental drawing process, which could then be recorded on video or stored on the World Wide Web. Another, simpler way is to present a sequence of static drawings that depict the changing graph. You are free to choose or devise your own approach for presenting incremental/dynamic graph drawings, subject to the constraint that the judges will be able to examine your imagery at the symposium. If in doubt about a particular presentation approach, please contact one of the contest organizers. Thanks to Robin Chen, Software Systems Research, AT&T Labs, for the graph data.