12th Annual Graph Drawing Contest



GD 2005 Graph Drawing Contest Call for Participation

The 12th Annual Graph Drawing Contest shall be held in conjunction with the 13th International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD 2005). The anticipated funding for the contest is US$1,000. The call for participation contains details about the challenge, as well as the contest graphs. It is available as a PDF document:

GD 2005 Contest Overview

This year, the graph drawing contest has three distinct tracks: the graph drawing challenge competition, an evolving-graph drawing contest and a free-style drawing contest.

GD2005 Contest Submissions

Submissions for the evolving-graph and the free-style contests must be received by midnight September 8th and should include the following information: If your drawing requires special printing because of size, resolution, or color constraints, you are encouraged to submit via hard-copy. Besides hard-copy submissions, acceptable electronic formats include PDF and PostScript for static images. For dynamic graphs or animations use mpg or avi files. Movies should be made with standard codecs and be accompanied by a pdf/ps description and a location where the movie can be downloaded from. All contest submissions should be sent to:

Stephen G. Kobourov
Department of Computer Science
University of Arizona
1040 E 4th Street
Tucson, AZ 85721-0077

Graph Drawing Contest Committee

Christian A. Duncan, University of Miami
Stephen G. Kobourov (Chair), University of Arizona
Dorothea Wagner, University of Karlsruhe