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Patrick Doreian, Vladimir Batagelj, Anuška Ferligoj

Little League Baseball Teams [LL]

Dataset   LitLeague


Transatlantic.mat: 13 vertices (players), binary matrix of directed network.
Sharpstone.mat: 13 vertices (players), binary matrix of directed network..


Transatlantic dataset (MAT)
Sharpstone dataset (MAT)


Fine G.A. (1987) reports sociometric data for two very successful Little League baseball team in the same local league. Fine G.A.'s primary concern was to examine the creation and elaboration of various forms of idioculture which he defined as "a system of knowledge, beliefs, behaviors and customs shared by members of an interacting group to which the members can refer and that serve as the basis for further interaction" (1987:125). He contends that the sociometric structure of such teams conditions the formation of their idiocultures.

Fine G.A. asked the boys to list their three best friends on the team.
Fine G.A. provides descriptions of only a few team members from the Transatlantic Industries [TI] team. Frank is listed as the coach's son who received preferential treatment from his father in terms of playing time. Four other team members regarded him as one of their three best friends. "Tom, a quiet, mature, responsible twelve year old, was one of TI's best players..." was named as a best friend by five other team members. Ron received the most friendship nominations and Darrin was the best batter on the team. Fine G.A. describes TI as a decentralized team.
The data for the Sharpstone Auto [SA] team consist of best friendship nominations made by the team members at the end of the season. In describing the structure of this team, Fine G.A. mentions only three of the boys. Justin is characterized as a very talented (he was seen by many as the best player in the league), aggressive and fearless ballplayer who is the team leader. Harry is listed as another fine player (best pitcher) and Justin's best friend. Whit is a good friend of both Justin and Harry. However, he was a year younger than these players and, while able, was not as good a player. "These three players...constituted the heart and soul of Sharpstone Auto" (Fine G.A., 1987:140) and Fine G.A. saw the team as highly centralized.


  1. Fine G.A. (1987) With the Boys: Little League Baseball and Preadolescent Culture. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


  1. Original author: Fine G.A. (1987).
  2. Transformed in STRAN format by P. Doreian, Sep 21, 1992
  3. Transformed in Pajek format, Jan 13, 1998
  4. Prepared for GBM dataset by V. Batagelj, 6. January 2007.

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