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Generalized Blockmodeling
Patrick Doreian, Vladimir Batagelj, Anuška Ferligoj

Political Actor Network

Dataset   PolActor


PolActor.mat: 14 vertices (political actors), Binary matrix describing undirected network.
PolActor.nam: longer labels of political actors.


complete dataset (ZIP)


Doreian P. and Albert L.H. (1989) provide network data for a set of prominent political actors in a mid-Western city in the U.S. The network tie is `strong political ally'. The County Executive (A) and the County Auditor (B) were strong political rivals, each with their own supporters. The substantive issue was the construction of a Federally mandated new jail. Each of the protagonists had staked out a position: actor A supported the construction of the jail while B opposed this course of action. The County Council (actors D through J) was split over this issue.


  1. Doreian P. and Albert L.H. (1989). Partitioning political actor networks: Some quantitative tools for analyzing qualitative networks. Journal of Quantitative Anthropology, 1, 279-291.


  1. Original authors: Doreian P. and Albert L.H. (1989).
  2. Transformed in Stran format by V. Batagelj 1991.
  3. Prepared for GBM dataset by V. Batagelj, 6. January 2007.

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