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Graph and Digraph Glossary

Dataset   glossGT

Description mixed network with 72 vertices and 114 arcs and 4 edges; word X is related to word Y.


glossTG.paj (4K)


The network is based on the file glossary.html containing Bill Cherowitzo's Graph and Digraph Glossary.

An arc (X,Y) from term X to term Y exists in the network iff in the Graph and Digraph Glossary the term Y is used to describe the meaning of term X.


  1. 1998-2001, Bill Cherowitzo prepared the glossary.
  2. Graph and Digraph Glossary transformed in Pajek format: Barbara Zemlji"c, 2. nov 2003.


  1. Bill Cherowitzo: Graph and Digraph Glossary, version 03-Feb-2001; (Course page)

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25. January 2004