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Dutch elite 2006

Dataset   DutchElite


DutchElite.paj - 2-mode network Persons(3810) X Administrative bodies(937); multirelational.
In the project file there are also several partitions of the vertex set.
Top200.paj - subnetwork of 200 the most important persons.
DutchElite.pdf - detailed description of the data set.


complete dataset (ZIP, 120K)


Data on the administrative elite in The Netherlands, April 2006. Data collected and analysed by De Volkskrant and Wouter de Nooy.

The project yielded 10 full-page articles in de Volkskrant (22/4/2006, 29/4/2006, 6/5/2006, 13/5/2006, 20/5/2006, 27/5/2005, 3/6/2006, 10/6/2006), which were collected and extended in a book: Wilco Dekker & Ben van Raaij, De elite. De Volkskrant Top 200 van invloedrijkste Nederlanders (Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, 2006).

See also: W. de Nooy, 'Ringen om de macht', published in the aforementioned book, pp. 85-94; and the data description.

Some notes

In this version of the network DutchElite the distinction of relations 29 and 52, and 34 and 37 is preserved; although they were treated as the same in the analyses.


  1. Collected and stored in Pajek format by W. de Nooy, April 2006.
  2. Improved Pajek format by V. Batagelj, 1. March 2007.


  1. W. de Nooy: Elite research (April - June, 2006)
  2. W. de Nooy: Interlock formation An actor-oriented approach, Barcelona 2006.
    See also Politics & Interlocking Directorates website.
  3. W. de Nooy: Netherlands Elites, 2005 University of Manchester, Wednesday March 8th, 2006. The presentation contains SVG files that are rendered best with Internet Explorer using the latest SVG plugin from Adobe.
  4. Wilco Dekker & Ben van Raaij (2006) De elite. De Volkskrant Top 200 van invloedrijkste Nederlanders, Amsterdam: Meulenhoff.

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