Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek

Wouter de Nooy, Erasmus University Rotterdam; denooy@fhk.eur.nl
Andrej Mrvar, University of Ljubljana; andrej.mrvar@uni-lj.si
Vladimir Batagelj, University of Ljubljana; vladimir.batagelj@uni-lj.si

In PDF files you will find the text of the chapters in PDF format. You need the (free) Get free Acrobat Reader to read these files. The corresponding ZIP file contains the same file and related graphs and data in Pajek format.

  • Chapter 1. Looking for social structure PDF / ZIP.
  • Chapter 2. Attributes and relations PDF / ZIP.
  • Chapter 3. Cohesive subgroups PDF / ZIP.
  • Chapter 4. Sentiments and friendship PDF / ZIP.
  • Chapter 5. Affiliations PDF / ZIP.
  • Chapter 6. Center and periphery PDF / ZIP.
  • Chapter 7. Brokers and bridges PDF / ZIP.
  • Chapter 8. Diffusion PDF / ZIP.
  • Chapter 9. Prestige PDF / ZIP.
  • Chapter 10. Ranking PDF / ZIP.
  • Chapter 11. Genealogies and citations PDF / ZIP.
  • Chapter 12. Blockmodels PDF / ZIP.
  • Appendix. PDF / ZIP.
  • Last version of Pajek.

Please note that:

  • the files are for SUNBELT XXIII Pajek workshop registered participants personal use only. The files and URL should not be passed to third persons;
  • some files will be replaced by improved versions;
  • Pajek is under constant development - check once in a month for a new version or join the Pajek mail-list;
  • comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.