Networks / Pajek
Package for Large Network Analysis

How to

In construction

  1. First steps to visualization of networks with Pajek (May 2002);
    Data to play with (ZIP)
  2. Tutorial and course material at Faculty of Social Sciences, Ljubljana
  3. Printing pictures created with Pajek
  4. Converting Excel datasets into Pajek format
  5. Converting text file datasets into Pajek format
  6. Run Pajek from command line or other programs
  7. Analysis of networks and vectors sent from Pajek to program R
  8. Analysis and visualization of genealogies with Pajek; see also Toolkit and Notes
  9. Kinship macros
  10. Generating random genealogies
  11. Some hints on working with extremely large networks in Pajek
  12. Runing Pajek from read only location
  13. Runing Pajek on Linux
  14. Combining SVG with Background Picture

Pajek; Vlado/Networks