Graph Drawing Contest 1995

Layouts by
Vladimir Batagelj and Andrej Mrvar
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Last change: 2. October 1995

Data and rules

See the page GD95 Graph-Drawing Contest and GD95 Graph-Drawing Conference.
See also our layouts for Graph-Drawing Contests: GD96, GD97, GD98, GD99, GD00 and GD01.

How layouts of graphs were obtained

  1. Graph A
    • Automatically obtained layout using our program COORD. (positioning vertices on the rectangular net so that the number of crossings of lines is as low as possible).
    • Manual editing to reposition vertices using our graph picture editor DRAW.
  2. Graph B
    • Analysing graph B using our program RELCALC two central vertices were found (1 and 34).
    • Feasible possitions for vertices were generated (two families of concentric circles).
    • Vertices 1 and 34 were fixed in the centre of the concentric circles mentioned.
    • Other vertices were automatically positioned around using program COORD so that the total length of the lines was minimized.
    • Manual editing using DRAW to reposition vertices to minimize crossings (concentric circles cannot be seen any more).
  3. Graph C
    • Automatically obtained layout using our program ENERG (minimisation of energy).
    • Some manual editing using DRAW to reposition vertices.


  1. Graph A: layout A, identifiers A, types A.
  2. Graph B: layout B, identifiers B, types B.
  3. Graph C: layout C, identifiers C, types C.


Vladimir Batagelj, Department of Mathematics, University of Ljubljana
Andrej Mrvar, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana