XXIV International Sunbelt Social Network Conference
Portorož, Slovenia, May 12 - 16, 2004


The Bernardin hotels, Portorož, Slovenia are located here. In the right side column you will find several options how to get to Portorož. Click at the foot of the map also to options Slovenia and Hotel Bernardin to get more detailed maps.

The hotel can arrange a 'shared' transport from/to airports Brnik (Ljubljana), Ronchi (Triest), Marco Polo (Venice) and also other locations (railway stations). There is a fixed price depending on the maximum capacity of the vehicle and the route.

Type Brnik
Marco Polo
car (4) 98 € 62 € 135 €
kombi (8) 129 € 80 € 167 €
bus (14) 202 € 120 € 247 €
bus (16) 216 € 130 € 258 €
bus (22) 229 € 140 € 275 €
bus (35) 271 € 162 € 326 €
bus (50) 306 € 180 € 370 €
bus (54) 313 € 185 € 384 €

The hotel chooses an appropriate vehicle according to the number of passengers being picked up. The price is equally divided by all the passengers.

If you want to use this transport service, couple it with your room reservation at the Hotel Bernardin and provide your arrival/departure information (name(s) of passenger(s), date, time, airport, flight). A week before your arrival we will let you know the details of the transportation arrangements for getting you to the conference hotel.

Other possibilities

To go by public transport from Brnik to Portorož you will have to take the bus at the airport to Ljubljana (~ 3 €). In Ljubljana you can take a bus to Portorož (~ 11 €) or to Koper or a train to Koper. There are many buses from Koper to Portorož.

Ljubljana bus station Timetable - for Ljubljana airport select Letališče Brnik; for Ljubljana bus station select LJUBLJANA AVTOBUSNA POSTAJA. When you get the timetable use the button near the date to select the right date.

Bus (2.65 €) from Ronchi Airport to Triest - click on 'Bus service from Airport FVG to (Monfalcone)Trieste' at the bottom of the page. Buses Triest-Piran (Monday-Saturday) start at 9:00, 11:00, 12:30, 15:30, and 17:00. Buses Piran-Triest (Monday-Saturday) start at 6:45, 11:25, 13:25, 17:25, and 18:55 (Timetable).

To cut down the transportation cost from Venice you can consider the option to get from Venice to Triest (not the airport, but the central railway station) by train and try to get the bus or to be picked up there. The train from Venice to Trieste takes around two hours and costs around 8 euros. There's a train like every half an hour approximattely (see trenitalia). Triest isn't too far away from Portorož (compared to Venice), so in any case it should be much cheaper to get from there to Portorož, even if one doesn't manage to share transportation.