XXIV International Sunbelt Social Network Conference
Portorož, Slovenia, May 12 - 16, 2004

Dynamics of Networks and Behavior

Satellite symposium, May 10-11, 2004, connected to the XXIV Sunbelt Conference in Portorož, Slovenia (May 12-16, 2004)


This two-day symposium is about methods, models, and empirical applications concerning the mutual influence between the dynamics of relational networks and the dynamics of individual behavior (including individual attitudes, performance, etc.). The focus is on linking theoretical, statistical, and substantive empirical research on dynamics in complete networks. The symposium is a satellite meeting to the XXIV Sunbelt Conference in Portorož, Slovenia (May 12-16, 2004).

The symposium focuses on topics such as:

  • mutual influence between friendship and smoking, drug taking, or other lifestyle or health-related behaviors;
  • the genesis and evolution of norms in networks;
  • dynamics of networks and economic performance;
  • dynamics of communication patterns and communication behavior;
  • statistical methods for the dynamics of networks and behavior;
  • visualization of network dynamics.
  • The purpose is an intensive exchange between researchers interested in substantive questions concerning the mutual influence between relational networks, and researchers interested in methodological issues concerning this domain. There are only invited presentations.

    New versions of the StOCNET and SIENA software, which can be used for the statistical analysis of the simultaneous dynamics of networks and behavior, will be made available to the participants well in advance.

    There will be about 20 presentations, all on invitation, some of which will have a workshop-like character (e.g., show how to work with new software for analysis or visualization). In addition to invited speakers and their co-authors (about 30 researchers), 20 additional participants can register. For these participants, the registration fee is €50 (€ 25 for those who can argue that they are entitled to a reduction).

    The location will be the same as the location of the Sunbelt meeting. Starting time is 9.00 am, May 10, 2004. There will be a social meeting on Sunday night for those who like to come.
    The program can be found here.

    The symposium is organized by Tom Snijders and associated to the research program Dynamics of Networks and Behavior which is a collaborative programme of the universities of Groningen and Utrecht (Research Center and Graduate school ICS) and Maastricht (Department of Health Promotion and Health Education).

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