IFCS Council Guidelines for the Group-at-Large (April 1994)

  1. Individuals with an interest in classification for whom there does not exist an appropriate national, regional or linguistic Classification Society belonging to the IFCS may join the Group-at-Large. It is the intention that once the Group-at-Large contains a sufficient number of people from the same country or region, or with the same linguistic background, these individuals will form their own Classification Society and apply for it to become a member Society of the Federation.
  2. Individual members of the Group-at-Large shall be liable to pay an annual due determined by the Federation's Council, and have the right to receive relevant material describing the activities of the Federation.
  3. A Secretary of the Group-at-Large shall be elected by the Federation's Council for a four-year term of office. The secretary shall be a member of Council, and will be responsible for liaising between the Council and the individual members of the Group.
  4. The duties of the Secretary of the Group-at-Large shall include:
    • in liaison with the IFCS Secretary, to encourage membership of the Group-at-Large in regions which do not have Member Society or Group of the Federation;
    • to keep a list of paid-up members of the Group, and to provide this information annually to the IFCS Secretary;
    • to arrange the distribution of relevant information about the Federation's activities to members of the Group;
    • to collect annual dues of members of the Group, remit funds to the IFCS Treasurer, and provide an annual financial statement to the Federation's Council.

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