Data Analysis and Related Bookmarks

last update February 18, 1995
The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information
Classification Society of North America
International Association for Statistical Computing
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics
Statistics (Mathematics)
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences: homepage
Sequence Analysis and Comparison: A Bibliography
PittInfo - The University of Pittsburgh
iec ProGAMMA Home Page
CTI Centre for Economics - News
PMEL Data Analysis and Display Software
BBN Advanced Data Analysis Software Tools
Analysis of primary DNA sequence data
Pablo Performance Analysis Environment
IUE Data Analysis Center Home page
Top Two Levels of the CR Classification System
SCOP: Introduction
Searching for Cases
Clustering Page
NASA Langley Clustering Home Page
StatLib---Applied Statistics algorithms
Approximate Single Linkage Cluster Analysis of Large Data Sets in High Dimensional Spaces
Erik Sonnhammer
StatLib---Multivariate Archive
No Title
Michael Trick's Operations Research Page
Bibliographie chronologique
Genome index page: Alopecurus pratensis to Asteromonas gracilis

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