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General Web Sources

If we try to find some references about logo with some of the search engines such us Lycos
The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information; Search for Logo
Yahoo; Computers:Languages:Logo
we learn about other meanings of the word logo, but almost nothing about our logo.

Searching the well known software repositories

VSL - Virtual Software Library; VSL search for Logo
we find an old copy of MSWlogo on
and on CICA
Software Downloads via FTP; try this
See also
Canada's Schoolnet

Persons and Institutions

A more promissing approach then is to try with the names of persons and institutions (which were) involved in the development of logo.

There are

Jean Piaget Archives
at the University of Geneva.

The first logo was developed at

Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
in a cooperation with MIT. They are still involved in Educational Research.

Papert !!!!!

Another important point is MIT

with its The Epistemology and Learning Group. At their FTP site
Media-Lab People

Directory of /pub/minsky Personal page for Marvin Minsky

Hal Abelson -- Publications

Mitchel Resnick from The Epistemology and Learning Group developed StarLogo

On the west coast at The CSUA WWW Server Brian Harvey (bh@cs.Berkeley.EDU) wrote some very interesting papers


Logo - Computer Programming for Kids - Using MicroWorlds Project Builder

Apple Education

At Eurologo'95 in Birmingham Erich Neuwirth from Vienna announced a EuroLogo Home Page.

The Logo Foundation.

LCSI (Home page, january 1996).

Ordi-Ecole (french); Ordi-Ecole/The computer at school (english);

TechnoLogica Software.





The weak presence of Logo on the Internet surprised me.

At THE RETROCOMPUTING MUSEUM or mirror we can find several programs from the history of computing. Among them logo !?

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