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Both Mosaic and Netscape have the ability to use other already existing products for viewing image files, movie files, post script files, sound files, etc. A collection of different viewers can be found on the address
This URL will point you to a number of viewers that have been tested with Mosaic. After you have selected a viewer you can transfer it to your machine by just: hold Shift and click on the link.

Besides viewers we can connect with Internet browsers also other programs such as Word, Corel Draw, Paint Brush,..., and MSWLogo. The selected application or viewers must be able to accept command line arguments.

Here are some details how to install MSWlogo in both browsers.


Mosaic needs to know which application to call when it reads a file type that it can't handle. For configuring Mosaic to run MSWlogo program files.

  1. Click on Preferences, under the Options Menu.
  2. Click on the Viewers Preference Sheet
  3. Choose the MIME type you wish to define (in this case, application/logo), in the Associate Mime Type of: Window. Click on the down arrow to see the list of types Mosaic is currently aware of. If you don't see the MIME type you are trying to define, click the Add button to add it.
  4. Define the file extensions that correspond to this MIME type in the With this/these extensions window. In this case:
    What does this mean? If Mosaic sees a file with any of these file name extensions, it will assume that it is a file this MIME type. This allows Mosaic to determine what type of file this is if the server does not provide MIME types, or when loading local files.

    Note: Mosaic will use the last extension listed for naming files it receives. (eg. all .lg,.lgo,.wlg files will be stored as .wlg files)

  5. Define the application to use as a viewer. Choose the Browse button and use the browse window to locate the program on your harddrive. Select it, and click OK.
  6. You can now close preferences by clicking the OK button at the bottom of the window.

Netscape - Installing viewers

  1. In the menu options/preferences open by clicking on the arrow button of the field Set Preferences On: and select Helper Applications.
  2. Click to the button New Type ... and *** in the window Configure New Mime Type enter the type application in the field Mime Type: and the subtype logo in the field Mime Subtype:. Confirm the data by a click on OK button.
  3. Now enter in the field Extensions: possible extensions of (your) logo programs. For example .lg,.lgo,.wlg.
  4. And finally in the subarea Action using Browse ... enter the activation of the MSlogo program into the corresponding field. For example D:\MSLOGO\LOGO.EXE.
  5. Add -l preceded by space to the end of this string D:\MSLOGO\LOGO.EXE -l and confirm your settings by a click on OK button.
You can now require the execution of a logo program in two ways:
  1. suppose that the program is on the local file prog.lg. You can load it by selecting File/Load local file... and selecting the file. Since the file extension is .lg the browser will run MSWLogo
    MSWLogo -l prog.lg
  2. we can activate MSWlogo also by clicking on an active reference referencing a logo program file, such as
    Show a simulation
    or on a computer
    Show a simulation
If you want that MSWlogo, after loading a logo program from the file prog.lg, starts executing it you have to add at the end of definitions of logo commands a call of the main command.


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